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EVERYONE is WELCOME at thoughts.com.

Back in 2007, my "One Love Philosophy" was the motivator to create the original thoughts.com, a place where people could come to share their thoughts and respectfully discuss opinions, viewpoints and arguments.

RESPECT is the keyword here. I ask that everyone be respectful to each other at all times, regardless of the topics or your differences in beliefs & vantage points.

Be open-minded and consider all sides. There is no one solution to solve all challenges. There are many solutions to solve a single challenge however, so lets remember that. We all have a great deal to learn and share with each other so lets do that too...

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We have a culture that is respectful and supportive to one another on thoughts.com. This is not an easy accomplishment given the challenges of cyber-bullying and the trolling nature of the internet itself.

Community-Based Learning

Propose solutions to the problems we face as humanity. Learn from each other. We all have something important to share with the world. We're all a part of something much bigger.

Personal Growth

Once you begin to journal your thoughts and consider the view & opinions of others you're perspective off the world begins to change just a little.

It Opens.

thoughts.com is unlike any other place that I've been on the internet. People are actually cool & nice with each other.
Wane ...
Ben, you're like the son that I never had.
Alan Leonard
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