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Discussion Forum & Chat

Welcome to the Community Forums with Live Chat is one of the oldest and longest running sites on the internet. Since 1995, we've been a place where people can share their thoughts and meet like-minded people in a positive and supportive forum community. 

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

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Local One Love Initiatives

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a well-respected charitable program designed to deliver nutritious meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals, primarily due to factors like age, disability, or illness. It relies heavily on volunteers for meal delivery, offering not just food, but also companionship and a connection to the community for its recipients. We encourage people to get involved and make a difference helping improve others in need through organizations like Meals on Wheels. 

Health Coaches & Study Tutors

At we're motivated to inspire people to take care of their health (both physical health and mental health) and further their education with the aid of study coaches in the thoughts forum. 

Check on Your Elderly Neighbors

Showing respect to elders is an international tradition as old as the human spirit, as as important as any given our elders are the ones who created us, raised us, and paved the roads so we can enjoy a quality life filled with happiness, success and good health. One way you can pay back to community elders is by visiting your local retirement homes and hosting classes, having conversations and participating in special events for elder residents. 

Community Forum

Remember when the internet Used to be COOL? Before social media changed it and everyone became trolls. We're bringing that cool vibe back with the chat, discussion forums, message board community. Thoughts is the only community inspired by the ONE LOVE PHILOSOPHY

Mother and child using a computer
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