such excuses to read

I hear myself make excuses the same excuses in the same order in the same manner with calculated breaks for dramatic effect but fooling no one myself as object and objection in the same sentence such a liar upon the stage reading the emotion but...

in liquid mind

in liquid mind I pour into space and time everything felt and everything said sometimes a mirror and sometimes a gun such infinite wisdom in search of the sea to explore to meld intellect with emotional scars and come out the other end

London's Calling

  London’s calling- loud and clear Forget the day job- loose the career London’s calling- we’re on our way Let’s raise a bottle to Saturday     Soho sights and dancing along the street Knocking back vodka without being discrete...

the trinity

I am a runner by necessity a penance in physical form I am a poet in theory a mindful exorcism of everything sore I am a loner by nature a broken wing looking to soar I am ...

given my social skills

I would sooner write in closed repair then talk aloud to witness need given my level of social skill of awkward feet and awkward delay I keep to books and darkened rooms where no one asks and no one tells I sit in comfort my own advice and pass in...

from the parapet sleeve

surrounded and surrounding I gather myself to breathe to talk myself down from the parapet sleeve where the day weighs everything down and I bandage in ease my pride to remain but a superficial wound of likes and dislikes to need and I...

self portrait

I paint outside the line a dyslexic ease of self and need I run fast to ask myself to be to move forward whether brave or greed in the shadow I am to believe all the truth I tell myself to be in the end I capture a blur of the person I want to be  

let's meet

my thoughts follow you I'd like to see you again your interesting