you can do this but you can't text me back...:/

you can post on facebook saying hey facebook friends but you can't text me back you can tweet back and forth to your "man" but you can't text me back though :/  you can post a youtube video that lasts 20 minutes long but out of any of those...

good relationships

good relationships don't just happen they take time,patience,and two people willing to face any obstacle thrown their way


if you have a Ask.Fm account...follow me :)

contracting me

sup peeps :) i have been gone for a if you wanna know how to contract me faster...i do have a gmail account you can message...i might be on here and on my gmail account more than usual nowadays

don't try to change me at all

don't try to change me at all...if you were my friend you wouldn't do that at all just love me for my weird self and just deal with how i am..