Satellite Dish Antenna


If you decide to switch to satellite television, one of the things you have to decide is which type of satellite dish antenna to get. Each direct broadcast satellite provider, such as DirecTV and DISH Network, has a wide variety of satellite dish antennas available.


The first thing you need to decide upon is the size. The satellite dish antennas come in a wide variety of sizes. Satellite dish sizes are measured in the diameter of the parabolic dish. Larger dish surfaces result in increased signal strength. It also lessens the negative impact of rain and clouds. Larger dishes are also much heavier and more expensive, though, so when deciding upon size, you should determine your budget and where you want to put the satellite dish (on the roof, in the backyard, etc.).


Once you have decided on the size of the satellite dish antenna, you still need to pick a style. The two most common types are the Offset Dish Antenna and the Dual Offset Dish Antenna. The former has the Low Noise Converter (LNC) located to the side of a single dish.


The latter, as the name indicates, has two dishes: a larger receiving dish and a small dish facing the opposite direction that takes the signal and transfers it to the LNC. The Dual Offset Dish Antenna is more efficient, but is also more expensive and is a little bigger.


The most compact type of satellite dish antenna is the Flat Antenna. This type of antenna does not have an external LNC. It is located within the dish. Because of their small surface area, however, they are only efficient if near the center of the satellite footprint area.