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However you want to call it, "21," "Vingt-et-nun," "Cosh," "Sap," "Black Flag," or "BJ," the classic card game of Blackjack continues to be one of the most popular table games in the online casino today. Offering an inherently low casino edge, with the potential to turn the advantage into the player's favor, online blackjack is one of the few casino games that lets players feel as if they have a say in the final outcome. And while hand outcomes can be controlled to a certain extent, no gambler ever has full "control" of the outcome in any game against the online casino. In other words, luck will always have a say in just how much money you walk away with from the Blackjack table. Knowing when to call it quits will also be a deciding factor.


Learn about playing blackjack on the internet for real money including which casinos are operating fairly and how to make secure payments to an online casino by reading through our top online blackjack casinos page. This is a great place to get started for everyone so be sure to check it out!


Online Blackjack Sites


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What makes "calling it quits" at the tables so difficult for many players is the fact that it's impossible to say when the standard deviation of wins and losses will start being played out in favor of winning hands. It's like predicting when a winning or losing streak will begin or end. There is a school of thought out there that says if you have been behind for more than 45 minutes of continuous play at the blackjack table, it's time to call it quits - for the time being of course. Yet, the nagging thought of, "just one more hand or double down will turn things around" is always tempting to the high risk online blackjack player.

Another subject altogether, if you think you have a hard time calling it quits in the casino, please get professional help immediately. Gamblers Anonymous is there for you 24/7, free of charge.


By no means is this intended to scare you away from the blackjack table, for there are many successful online blackjack players who have walked away with more profit than losses over the years at the casinos.


However, it is disclosed to show that even playing with perfect mathematical strategy will not guarantee a winning session at the Blackjack table. Perfect play will certainly help you minimize your losses, and with some luck on your side, will reap you a sound return of investment. Perfect play is another term for basic strategy.


Basic strategy is one of the most widely used blackjack strategy tools used by blackjack players. It is a chart with every hand a player could be dealt and each up card the dealer could have. All a blackjack player has to do is check to see what play is recommended for the hand he is holding against the card the dealer is showing. Playing every hand according to what the basic strategy chart says can lower the house edge to 0.05%, making blackjack the casino game with the smallest house edge.


Most professional blackjack players will agree that two of the best things you can do for yourself when playing online blackjack is to give yourself permission to walk away from the blackjack table and to play with mathematically correct strategy at all times - not just the majority of the time.


Of course, there are some players who will advise to follow hunches, especially if you can afford to lose the hand or are considerably up in profit. In the long run, hunches are not profitable. A smart gambler and blackjack player would not wager money and lose money unnecessarily. Losing a hand despite using strategy is only acceptable because you did everything in your power to play the odds. Losing with a hunch only makes one question one's abilities, and can lead to making even poorer decisions in the long run.


So, how does one win at Blackjack? Unfortunately there is not set guide to beating blackjack. But you can feel better about being unable to beat this casino game because, with basic strategy, blackjack has the lowest house edge. Following basic strategy is the best 'tip' a blackjack player can use. And that is why, when looking for tips, basic strategy holds the most consensus and is the most recommended strategy for blackjack.


If you are unfamiliar with any of the blackjack terms mentioned on this page, please see "Blackjack Glossary" on the navigation menu to the left. For information on Blackjack strategy from the professional Blackjack player's perspective, see the "Professional Blackjack Players" page.


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