Samsung Cell Phones


Samsung manufactures some of the most technologically advanced smart phones on the market today. Among the models are the Exclaim, Comeback, Impression, Delve, and Alias2.


Several of the models feature a QWERTY keyboard. The phones can perform a variety of functions and are compatible with various applications.


The Alias 2 has the same dual hinge design that helped send the original Alias phone into popularity. It features a Magic Key QWERTY keypad, which uses e-ink technology. If you are using the phone in standard phone mode, it can be used as a standard keypad. When you are texting, it automatically changes into a full QWERTY keypad, making the process faster and easier. It also has one touch magic keys and multiple messaging options.


The Impression features a 3.2 inch brilliant widescreen display, which is driven by the new AMOLED technology. It offers clear viewing of videos, Web sites, and games. In addition, it features a slide out QWERTY keyboard and has PC Studio Manager which allows the owner to synchronize music, photos and videos between your phone and your PC. It also features a customizable Widget bar.


A flip QWERTY keyboard is featured on the Comeback. It also has a 2.0 megapixel camera and camcorder and features a full HTML Web browser. In addition, the attractive phone features a music player with a microSD slot that supports cards up to 16GB.


Various cases, chargers, auto adapters, and holsters are available for the Samsung phones. Hands free capabilities are also available for the phones.