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Tides of Chaos CHAPTER 2

His light blue skin was permanently stained with nicotine and flash burn residue, and laced with scars and bruises that had never healed properly. He looked and felt older than his 25 years, the fire that had once raged inside him choking under years of

Yay! Busy Week!

This week is going to be a busy one, I just know it. Which is a good thing. I love being busy, and I love having different things to do, which is what I have this week. Today I have 4 hours of work, then Thursday I have a whole day of work. Wednesday I

It Is What It Is...

I am in a pretty good mood still. I don't know why, but for some reason I'm not too big on my birthday. I know.. I made a post singing happy birthday to myself lol. BUT, in real life? I was only told happy birthday about 5 times today (mostly from my im

monkey business

them monkeys know how to have a good time :)   COLD MONKEYS     SQUEAKY CLEAN MONKEY

Du vet inte vad

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Usted no sabe lo que

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Where's the welcome mat?

I dont know where to start other than the fact that i dont follow grammar rules so theres that. i figured i would try and write a blog because i have so many and maybe too many thoughts running through my mind. Ive tried the alternatives of writing in a

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A taste of my life

  After a long day at Hunter Steakhouse, I decided to cook a special dinner for my future wife. Started with searing thinly sliced steak on a saut&eacut


1st let me say I NEVER dream. Or at least never remember dreaiming unless it's a night mare. However, about a month ago I had and remembered what I would call a normal dream,

It's Not Love...Yet...

If you've read any of my posts before this, I must seem fickle. I am dating a guy named kyle now. He is my section leader in the marching band, which is sort of awkward, but it's whatever. I don't know if I love him yet, but I think I could. He always t