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Different Life's

My ex wants to get back together and we've been broken up for 9 months now. I dumped him 9 months ago because we were seeing each other much, we were talking to each other much and when we did talk we didn't know what to


Are we amusing ourselves to death. Being willfully distracted as our news becomes fantasy, with nothing in reality. Enamored by celebrity. A loss of morality. Most are so distracted that they have to follow cause they depend in others knowledge. All the

Tecnologias económicas

Hoy se habla de la tecnolgia slim, thin. No es mas que economia en los materiales, y ni que hablar de smarthphones, que es todo lo que necesita una persona. Aquí en argentina se repartieron netbooks en escuelas con el fin de incorporar al sistema

50 Random Facts About Me

Hello everyone! This is my second attempt at making a blog. My first blog is over on wordpress and it was all about Disney! On this blog, I hope to share my thoughts, opinions, life lessons, or simply my world with you all. I thought what better way to

Will I be able to stay awake this long?

So a few of my friends and I had a plan to hang out I mean yesterday. But now I guess we're not hanging out until 3 in the morning (thus the "er I mean yesterday" part) Wth right? You don't make plans to hang out with someone and then become t

RIP To the Gorilla and the Lion

why the hell do people feel the need to think that is the Animals' fault!? One man wanted to die so the Lion did the man a favour and the Gorilla was just being affeciante to the little boy! The little boy has more danger with other kids in school! RIP

Intense Irritability is Driving Me Insane!!

I'm pretty sure that the reason I have spent a good portion of my day feeling intensely irritable is because I woke up at noon, failed to be productive in any way, and because I get to spend such little time with my spouse (due to his job) that I feel i

She's an EX For a Reason

This gets worst as you stay together. If he were free, let's say, to go to her, everything that went wrong before, would go wrong again. He's forgotten all the down sides to her and only remembers the good things. If he was a virgin when he met her, or

binge drinking and bad decisions

So one could say that during my last year of college I really partied hard sometimes. There are times I drank too much and had a major hang over, missing some classes. I went out dancing and learned how to "handle" my alcohol. I did some binge drinking.


She welcomes me with open arms, beautiful and warm as the spring sunset, her voice calms my broken heart, she sings of a time when all was right with the world, she tells me ill find love again, she tells me il be ok, she kisses my cheek and all is righ

Making the most of it.

Anniversary, plays an important role in your lives when you're married. Especially the first one. Irrespective of what kind of marriage you have, it holds its own importance. While celebrating the anniversary, you should analyse how did you complete the