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Like Candy

Life is like a box of candy. It's been a while. Hello, world!   Since last I left, a lot has happened. So much so that my mind is confused. Well, I suppose that is nothing new. I am always trying to understand any why question but I


Perspective is everything it shapes our thinking and actions without it relationships become stressing and aggravating what are you pushing for? why are you so obsessed with the lives of your friends? why can't you just l

Tail wagging the dog

We're three months into a new year, and two months with a new President. Like it or not, Donald Trump is our President. Every talk show host is having a field day, suggesting he's stupid, turning his tweets into jokes. Really? Does anyone truly believe

John 1:6-18

We know that there is God but we ignore Him. We have the Bible at home but we do not evendare to touch or even read it. We use it mostly as a decoration, at times just a something to put something on. It is like we know but we do not believe. 

Blake Shelton...I Found Someone

He made my day today  It's temporary of course, but I'll take it.    I dropped in at AA this afternoon, I got my 30 day coin.  I'm just gonna say, staying sober is a bitch.  I can easily see myself remaining so I Found Someone- Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton- I Found Someone. I do not own this song. This song is the property of Blake Shelton and his label, I just thought I'd shar...

Pet Store

There is a pet store near my apartment complex. I saw in the paper they are having kittens to give away tomorrow afternoon. I am going to go there and see if I can find a kitten.

I can't run !

The last year has been a back seat for me. I've thought a lot about the year before. I've lost inhibition and I've stared feeling my feelings again. I am at war with myself regarding my would be career and I don't know what i want to do. For the next tw

Having a "Low" Day

Idk. Maybe it's cause I'm a little tired but I've just felt bleh all day. I started driving for Lyft yesterday so maybe just because I've add a new thing to my day that's why I'm tired. It's days like this that suck that I'm single again. I really enjoy

Inception and Departed

So I was watching "Inception" earlier on amc. It's really good. It is hard to understand though. But it's cool. Now they were playing "Departed". That's one of my favorite Dicaprio movies. Sweet. The only crazy thing is that they a

Unpredictable Kind Souls

It’s weird how I’ve never had that friend who would drop everything just to go on an adventure. Today, god stepped in and answered my prayer’s. For weeks, I’ve been looking at tickets for this band I really like, with the lowest


I apologize EZWAY for deleting your post.


You know, I honestly believed I was suppsoed to have children and be a mother and everything. Apparently not. I have taken four tests all of which have been negatives. I'm so sick and fucking tired of the stress that I get to go through every single day


Never mind on being pregnant. Took two more tests, both negative. So, obviously it wasn't just a bust on cheap tests. Sorry to get things going and people to get all happy and shit. Looks like I'll never get to go through pregnancy again. Sorry again...