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I finally told people I have a blog

I told a friend at school that I stared a blog And she was happy for me. I guess maybe I should start why I started blogging.mi started this because I find it easier to get every single feeling out by writing instead of talking about it. I only have my

What is life

I am 27 years of age, employed in a decent job past three and a half years! Independent, beautiful and smart. Yet, there is some fear in me that keeps penetrating, as if I am a failure.  Professionally and personally, I have tremendously im

Dancing fear...

A healthy dose of that fear just might do you some good...I had a situation happen to me last night.  I surprised myself on how I reacted to it.  I cried for about a minute and a half and then suddenly I grew a giant pair of balls.  It ap

I'm not broken....

I'm not broken, just a little dinged up!!!!!  Thus far I've lived a relatively quiet, peaceful life(some might consider hum drum or boring)....However every so often (l


Things had been going great for me. I had been two months clean from cutting and then I had a relaspe and now I have been 3 weeks clean and going strong. Things may get me down but I'm learning that I can't let what people say bother me any more. I'm ju

Drowning In My Thoughts

 Have you ever felt like you thinking too much? like your thoughts are going crazy like you can't control them. Well I know I am not the only one feeling like this because I think so much it can sometimes be hard to go to sleep. I finally f


It's so painful to feel something squeezing your chest real hard. Strange urge to cry without any obvioud reason. I just stop talking to anyone and go to my place. I

Ready To Relax

After a refreshing swim in the stream of consciousness my mind is ready to relax in the void.

The voices in my head , is real!

Good Morning is a bit overrated. I am tired , very tired . I slept throughout the hole morning since i pretty much went to bed at 7 am, yes i did wake up at 11am . Mom was letting me know she was leaving and the voices in my head wont stop crying mommmy