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things are getting better now...then there's this

so things are finally starting to get a little better. still not good yet but better. i got a new "job". i'm not a cam girl. i know it's nothing to be proud of but at least i don't have to be a prostitute anymore and meet up with random strangers.


I am not going forward. I haven't been going forward for almost a year now and that just sucks. It feels like I am stuck in a trap and I just dont know what to do to free myself. I should have finished my studies in spring this year. That never ha

why am I allowing this.....

Now 4 weeks since that horrible break up, I was doing ok at first but for the past 3 days all I do is think about it and I feel sad I feel hurt I feel so betrayed. I try not to dwell on it but it seems to be getting hard to distract my thoughts. I find

idk... and I'm serious about the dk'ing part

  If you really knew me you would understand that i try to prove people wrong. That i hate pity and i dont belive in love. I mean i love my family but not anything other than that. Youre going to go in life thinking that the people that lov

5 Bites

I will admit I have fallen for many gimmicks for diet plans or other things that just dont work and something tells me that this is no different. But in my desperation and need for immediacy I dont care and will try anything. So the concept is for break


You know that question you're sometimes faced with: "If you could go back, would you change anything?"? And most of the time people give that obligatory answer of "No, it brought me to where I am now!". Well, I'm here to tell you that they are full of i

Feeling Utterly Alone

Well, it has been a couple weeks since I posted about my weight loss. I have some good news, but mostly disappointing news. Good news first! I have lost 8 pounds. I ate healthy an

Life's choices

Life has many choices for us all. No one knows what each of us go through but ourselves. We can of course make note of what each of us say and give us moral support which is w


I'm trying so very hard to stay positive.  Sadness, it creeps in occassionally.  I wake up sad.  I don't want to wake up sad.  It's a warped reality.  That I'll be alone for the rest of my life.  The

A plan well executed

We are back from our family camping trip. It wasn’t a huge affair, five adults and three children, so it was manageable for me. I only had one concerning moment but they banished me to a camp chair by the fire and the moment pass

Szybkie super kredyty

Brak kapitałów istnieje przedmiotem, z którym boryka się prawie wszystek mężczyzna. Chyba każda osoba odnalazłaby się wtedy w formie, w której musiała już osiągnąć taką miarę pieniędzy, wchodzącą jej świeże danych finansowe. Z ulgą w takich pozycjach...

Complete: The First Year

I have to meet with my department chair sometime in the coming weeks to get my annual review. My ANNUAL review!!! It has been a whole year! I can't even grasp it. Where did the time go? You know what makes me the happiest? The fact that I survived. I fa


Hubby left his last two bananas sitting on top of the toaster too long.  (Yes, people, that's where we put our bananas to keep them out of the way.  We don't actually toast them.)  So today was banana bread baking day.  It took me le