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ein Neuer Ansatz Zur Behandlung Bei Schmerzen

Mit diesem Prozess hat seine Institut nahezu alle fitnessrelevanten Kraftübungen untersucht und aus den Ergebnissen Ranglisten erstellt. Welches jedoch chip größte Überraschung für mich war, ist, dass meine Bauchmuskeln i

Day 1: Current Relationship

My current relationship status? I binge watch netflix for a living.haha! relationship.. I have been single for 6 years now. Do I like it? Sometimes. Sure I miss the whole having someone there thing, but nobody is more loyal to me than my king si

my buddies

Of course I went and fed. Everyone showed but Mr. Belvedere. Clover Toby Peanuts Carmen and the baby, Cassidy..her leg is almost fully healed!. Tundra Cookie Spirit Big boy Colette Tulah Squirrel Jack Ramsey Romeo and Sugar bear.... Moon pie haven't see

I'm Milk Toast

Sometimes I feel like milk toast.What is milk toast you ask?In olden days it was considered a breakfast for the poor or sick.It consisted of buttered toast with warm milk poured over it,and sugar added if there was some on hand.I guess if you ha

we always want what we can't have

How do you move on if all you can do is think about him?  Any little stupid song that comes on makes me think about him.  Anything that has to do with football reminds me of him.  Every stupi country song reminds me of him.  Any silv


"Heartbeat"   Thump thump, Thump thump, Soaring through crystals in the night air Spiraling whirlpools below. Your mouth, my mouth, drawn together. Thump thump, Thump thump, Un

30 day challenge

Since I am new to this whole thing, and the main reason I am doing this is for me, I decided to start out by doing a 30 day challenge.  I am posting the list mainly for my referance along the way but feel free to use it if you wish.

College scares me

Okay so no, it doesn't really "scare" me.. but seriously, it's so confusing.  As a daughter of a mother that didn't pursue college and a father that really didn't even finish high school, i'm lost.  I have no clue where to start.  I'm in

Yes it is still snowing

Hay yall, Its been a few days but I return with some good news I am now working two jobs and I have finally been able to get my two visits a week in. That is all for tonigt gotta get some sleep before my 7 am visit.   To all who read this o

Resipi Masakan Iga Bakar Sos Hoisin

koleksi maklumat tentang memasak resipi lokasi Indonesia pada upacara ini indah indah kami ingin berkongsi maklumat kepada anda tentang persekitaran dunia masakan. Sudah tentu bagi mamih rumah memasak dengan lazat menjedi tuntutan yang mesti dipen

Resepi Tinoransak masakan tipikal dalam BM

membuat hidangan yang belum mencuba, akan pasti memerlukan ketepatan masa akan memasak, sama ada ia berada dalam memilih bahan-bahan makanan, rempah ratus dan penambah rasa, bagi ibu-ibu di rumah dibuat masakan segar adalah satu cabaran sudah tentu, sep

Not sure if I'm being friendzoned


I am a mother of two teenagers. I sit back and look at them and cant  believe how much time has gone bye. It seams just like yesturday they were little kids. Just the other day my son had come home from school and had told me that a class


My relationship has many ups and downs, but we get through it by having trust, talking about how we feel and most important we dont have no secrets. A good and healthy relationship can not just have one person working in it, a relationship has to have t

Preop Diet Day 15!!!

Tomorrow is surgery day!!! I can't wait! I can hardly believe that in 12 hours I'll be at the hospital being prepped for surgery! I'm really not nervous. I know I have an amazing physician and a great team will be caring for me at the hospital! Bekah is