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Of Trump's Cabinet

Trump seems to be very impulsive, dangerously impetuous. And he has gathered together a cabinet full of billionaires like himself to help guide him in his decisions. These billionaires got into business in order to make huge profits for...

Be Nice

Remember while growing up in our house it was stressed highly you have to be nice in all which is undertaken. People will judge you how you act which reflects on those who

Of Thatcherism

"Thatcherism was largely a political and economic project, amounting to class struggle waged 'from above' aimed at extending/consolidating laissez faire, which in turn depended on undermining/ destroying working-class organization/institutions." -- Tom

Of the Affluent and Everybody Else

The better off, the more affluent have an interest in stable market prices, while the interests of everybody else is in the reduction of insecurity by means of progressive taxation, social investment, and wealth transfers.

Of Trump's Economic Strategy

What is Donald Trump’s economic strategy? The new president seems to desire to bring back economic growth by way of deficit spending.  But the United States is a nation with a chronic shortage of saving. Deficit spending and a deficit in nati

Of Trumponomics

You remember Reaganomics? Now there's Trumponomics, a protectionist economics, which seems to ignore, or deny America’s present reliance on foreign saving and trade deficits to sustain economic growth.

What If You Had To Choose......7

I imagine it. Just a dream of a poor person. Somewhere with new freedom. A new and better America. As I come to a close I hear the first maid speak. "Alright Asia, the big bad scary dress is put away miss" I laugh. " Thankyou Yama, I appreciate

Of Trump's Campaign Behavior

I am still surprised that Donald Trump’s campaign survived and succeeded in spite of Trump's shocking behavior.

Of Trump

Trump's shameless words and brash performances would have ended a presidential candidate’s chances of success in the past.

with a smile on my face

This site that I've been using like a self storage unit where all my short stories and poems were posted.... all gone!   At least when Thoughts take away your shit, they're still here. I can come back with another name.

I Love You

Sometimes my mind goes back in time when you lifted your hands in anger Anything good from you was never mine

Weekend Mania

all day long.. sing a song.. think of a blessing and feel the warmth.. The weekend has begun, time to relax.. reading the paper and thinking where am i??? read the things and then time to blog... Happy to be back :)

Jan 20

I have survived the few days without a boss, however yesterday proved a couple of challenges.  Nothing we couldn't handle, but, just not a smooth day.  Unfortunately what went wrong the repair people felt they needed to call the boss instead o

Empire WebTech

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I decided to just write what came to mind.

The words are hard to find. They feel as though they are on the tip of my tounge, yet they flee from speech, nor will they flow from my hands. These words explain my exsistance my present and my past. They explain my whole being, my feelings, my actions

necro nights

Peircing winds call out for blood Demons rise from ashes long dead Nightmares loose on a moonless night Hatred of the living, longing to be laid to rest These are the nights the dead love best