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boyfreind and girlfriend fights

Ok girls , you really need to calling your boyfriends names like a**hole , jerk , ect. And some girls dont even date the dude and they get mad when the dude doesn't reply to their messages or doesn't return their calls HE'S NOT INTO YOU!!!!!!!! I'm

All I Need In Life

I come across this question tonight while surfing the web. What all do you need in life? It's a very good question. What it comes down to is knowing the difference between needs and wants. So many people can't tell the difference between the two

Ex Friends

So this justt happened.. My friend post a status on facebook talking about people not being themselfs and coping other people, and i said i know how that feels. and my ex friend called me out for coping about a hair syle that has been out since


I met a guy recently, and I really really want to look good. I want him to want me. I'm not interested in talking about my weight because Ive put on a bit of muscle and weigh more


What do you think about clingy ? Good or bad ? In some ways I love the clingy type. Makes me feel like this person actually wants to be with me && always wants to be around me, but then it has its bad parts to it. Arguments && disagreeme


Keeping it within Will not stop volcano's wrath It comes spewing out!


Some of us are sharing secrets  with the same person. Is that such a bad thing ? No. Love is love, it's pure and not selfish, jealous or punishing.

Left Out

I just realized I left one person out of my Guess What post. And his name willremain Anonymous since he's kinda special to me. But he still said one thing that made reality sneak in on me. And this is what it was.  Anonymous. "You al

True Happiness...does it exist?

Emotions can be the best thing in a person and also the worst. For me, personally, at the current moment is is the worst. Emotions can tell you a lot about a person and how they react in certain situations. But what happens when your emotions take you i