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This Stuff Really Existed!

I was having a conversation earlier about food and beverages that have been discontinued.One thing that no one else but me could remember was"Eskimo Chocol


 Dong Zhuo said: "first, I have not been so happy, lonely, to meet for the first so as to discuss the solitary favor, with extraordinary talent the arm is also very rare, solitary. You see this line is not, you are willing to stay in Luoyang, you d

Our goodbye

A year and 4 months, that's a long time. I loved you unconditionally, but the damage was beyond repair. Seeing you hurt, breaks my heart. But, we're toxic together now. I must say my goodbye and part ways. I hope to keep in touch with you, but if not- I

I Take It Back

I went to go get the mail tonight and some fuck face I never did a damn thing to started mocking me.  I think they all want me to commit suicide.  I don't know why either, because I did nothing to them to make them hate me so much.  I'm s

My Submission Journey Part II

In this entry I am going to write about part of my submission journey and days that I have specifically been having. I am not sure how long this one will be, but I hope that you enjoy

Es Tut Mir Leid

I've been told I say Sorry alot. About silly things. About most things actually. I've finally come to terms sitting here staring at the screen that I say that word oh so often because it wasn't said enough to me, or should I say it was never said t

Do I Even Want to Share at This Point?

I have been feeling like the laughing stock of this dang city.  I'm so sick of everyone talking smack about me.  Not only am I physically ill, but I went through a period in which it seemed as though everyone knew my personal business and mock

Seven Months

Sooooo.... it's been that long since I last wrote.    It is truly amazing how much can change in that amount of time though. As I read my posts, I felt like I was reading something written by a stranger. I have changed so much.

nervous breakdown on the horizon

so hinging on a nervous breakdown literally too much to say too tired to bother. like a hamster exerting all this energy and making no ground whatsoever. just want the timing of a subsidy to housing up there to come up or a place


How can current adverse practices be changed to accommodate rather take control and redirect ? How is it parenting upon certain conditions or permissions from strangers, security, and foster

A Leaf In the Wind

Sometimes I look to the sky and find a large troup of leaves dancing with the wind. They help to paint the world different shades, some green, red, or orange. Sometimes they travel far and see great landscapes; Other times the are trapped by their envir

To Be With You

To be with you is something I have yet to experience. Three seconds of bravery turned into a conversation I never thought would happen. A person who I have taken interest in for sometime knows I exsist. Your eyes look so inviting, your smile still sendi

12-2-16 Rant

Wow I was just filling my pill container for the week and counted all the medicines I'm on now and I'm on 15 different medications. M.W.F I take 14, sunday I

beleive in your self

probably you've all been called something i know i have, but you cant just let eople push you around. im getting tired of people saying he called me this or she called me that. its stupid and it needs to stop. i dont care what other people think of mean

C & C: The Wages of Sin is Death

Connections and Comparisons is an ongoing weekly series that deals with many scriptures in the Bible, some of which are not commonly addressed.  The purpose of this series is to examine the scriptures at hand comparing what is said and looking at t