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Just do not know

I really just do not know was one expression used by that person who was in charge of caring for us kids. That was 50 years back when no restrictions were on pare

Days 2-3 Dublin

Last night I set out from the hotel for a 6 pm Mass at St. Teresa's in Temple Bar. I thought it would take about 20 minutes but gave myself 45 minutes just in case. It's very chilly and the streets were packed for a Sunday evening. I don't usually feel

AGE SPOTS ~~ D O N 'T try this at home

Pleas to not try this at home.  This way of eradicating age spots.  I stumbled into it by accidnet but there is not testing of it to see what troubles it may cause you down the roa


Well alright reading to me is, fun-damental, does anyone love to read? mysteries, romance, novels, menus?

the bus ride home

we say our goodbyes to a box of ash that was our friend that contains such polite dreams of all our human frailty and beyond we hold each others hands trying to feel the last drop of energy


My question is regarding between religions and also it has to do with family virtues based on religions alone. I have a problem with my aunts at home. She tend to be so against Buddhism for some odd reason which again I do

Your interest in me is like dust on the shelf

your interest in me is like dust on the shelf, I find it funny how rapidly things change, how quickly you grew bored of me. I was this 'important thing' that you couldn't bare to lose, I supposedly had meaning. And slowly but surely that feeling of secu


so it's the last week of April, when is spring going to become warm? Everyday the wind is blowing so cold maybe it's just going to be a cool suummer, I prefer hot to cool but what th

Earth vs human consciousness

Mother earth is paying back for what we have done to it in the name of revolution and development... We can name it natural disaster but somewhere we know and must admit this its our lack of consciousness and necessary concern for the mother...

Free Writing-4/27/15

UNEDITED   I'm so frustrated by people right now. I don't even know how to think clearly. Peopl who don't keep their word and people who disrespect me. I am listening to the s

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Never Been Happier

I havent blogged in a while because Ive honestly been so happy so there really isnt anything to blog about. Lately Ive been realizing how much my sister means to me. Last week we dog/h


    I am so tired of feeling stressed. Our power is going to be turned off in a day or so unless we can get a hundred bucks going  and then i gotta bad feeling the cps is going to find out and take my 6 weeks old baby girl away from


As I was looking up the definition of the word 'Patronizing', I stumbled across this site.

Fucking hilarious! It will now be my alternative to Wikipedia for internet facts comedy.


*Btw, people don't like being typed to in

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