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Broken Kingdom... Part 1

Something that I once built  As a set of goals and fixed opportunities Protected for most of my life Been destroyed Byt the conflicted tornments All that I had done I still coulnd't do anything to fix

i forget how close i am to death

This thought was brought on by the fact that my step sister/cousinis in the hospital because she has diabetes and what not. But she could easily die at any moment. And so can i.   Anyone can.   I


There's only one cookie with something in the middle that solves life's problems, and that is an Oreo. <3

July 22nd... Cocaine?

Here I am sitting in my bed. At any moment I can crack under the pressure of a ton of emotions that linger above me heavier than gravity. I'm moving from my hometown to Boston next week. Im 20 years old and still find it difficult to leave my home, my m

Barry Gets Spanked Again

This could be the beginning of the end of obamacare. There will no doubt be appeals, and it will almost certainly end up being decided ultimately by the supremes. But this is anoth

Insanity day 24

Great day! I made it through the warmup without stopping! May not sound like much unless you have tried Insanity. I wish I could say I did great on the rest but those damn squats are no joke! 

you left me standing...

You left me standing      Alone and broken You left me standing      Words left unspoken You left me standing      Watching you walk away You left me standing

Don't know what to do..

I have a boyfriend... that I love dearly but Im confused if I still want to be with him or not. Part of me does, but the other part doesn't. I really don't know what to do. Im just really confused. I mean the situation is deeper and I would really like

I have no understanding...

How do people feel things and know what they're feeling and do they care when they feel things to tell other people how they feel or care about things without carin