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Its Almost Funny

I could die from my stupidity, why on earth did I think that binging and purging for 4 solid days would mean I wouldnt gain weight. Well I have and its fucking annoying. I realise my last post made it seem I was spiralling out of control and that I'm go

March 01, 2015 – The Bile Leaks Out…

The article linked below almost reads the message correctly but not quite.  The article says that former Maryland Democrat governor Mike O’Malley derided the politics of triangulation.   Specifically, the New York Times repo

What To Do When Life Throws You A Curve Ball?

What to do when life throws you a curve ball  Keep batting and don't give up. Learn to hit them right out into the stands and run all the bases for a home run. Hear the crowd go wild. Feel the glory inside that


Well, just got a email saying that I didn't get one of the jobs I applied for and really wanted. Now I am really hoping and praying I get the other one I was seriously looking at. I hate being unemployed, hate not being out in the world being productive

drowning in depression

Cutting is a distraction. For one moment you don't feel the pain, the loss, or the hurt. All you feel is the blade going into your skin, the blood dripping down your arm, leg, or stomach. You don't think about how alone you are or how fat and ugly you a

National Athletic Training Month

Today Starts National Athletic Training month! Throughout the month of March I will be posting various things about NAT month. This month is about awareness for Athletic Trainers.  This years theme is we prepare, you perform! As Athletic Trainers a

There Are Two (Lying) Sides to Every Story

It’s funny to me when two people are arguing about something and a third person is the intermediary (whether they want to be or not.) Why is this funny? Well, I’m sure we’ve all heard that there are two sides to every story. I have no

Being nice and where it gets you.

Ok now I'm not saying this happens to every nice person and I still think regardless you should be nice to anyone but recently I've been noticing how little credit people get for being nice. I'm not trying to sound at all big headed but I am a good list


Farys i Sylwan mieli rację, mówiąc, iż niewiele wiedzą o Elfach. Wampiry nie wiedziały niemalże nic, wrogość między tymi dwoma plemionami była jawna, nie chciały one mieć ze sobą nic wspólnego i nie próbowały się pozn

A quick hello

This is my first post and I just wanted to say hi, I'm Lilly. I'll be talking about anything and everything really. from movies to men, depending on what I'm in the mood for i guess. lpxx


Everyone makes decisions some are bad and some are good. When you make a bad decision there is always something you can do to make up for that. Say you decide to go

Double Whammy

It's just one of those days. The type of day where all I want to do is curl up in bed, not eat much (weird being as I LOVE food), and cry. Perhaps try to find something to hold my attention.   It's funny isn't it? How the pe

just another heart break.

He tells me that he loves me, yet has a stupid way of showing it.. why am I so drawn to him, when all he does is hurt me. He Plays a role of a carrying person, so I can tell him my weakness, little did I know that he had a plan to trap me in sorrow and


So I have a book already writen, I have another needing some touch ups, and now I'm starting another one. yet I haven't given it to anyone and the people that have read it love it they want one. so. what should I do now, should I give it out to be publi