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High school?

everyone says high school is the best years of our life but only if your popular and well liked or on the top of the food chain but if your on the bottom you have to deal with bullying and other shit sometimes our life gets better after high school and

The world is ready for a change

The world is ready for change and the kingdom will be that change when it gets here.  There will be a war and we must have heart that Father and his angels will overpower the legions of this world.     rejoice that they ar

music thing I feel like posting

Just a really pretty song. I like celtic remakes, but then again I have some very strange eclectic tastes in music. Yeah. We're just gonna go with that.  Happy Weekend everyone. Hope All Souls Night

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America All Souls Night · David Arkenstone · Charlee Brooks Celtic Garden: A Celtic Tr...

Food Independence - Necessary in today's world

Due to the level of toxicity in industrialized foods, proliferation of GMO crops, lack of regulation within our foods - food independence is necessary for your health and peace of mind sake and it would actually save you money. This food movement has be

link image preview 'Agrihoods' Offer Suburban Living Built Around Community Farms, Not Golf Courses

The phrase "planned community" conjures up a lot of images -- maybe a swimming pool, obsessively manicured lawns, white picket fences -- ...

j ;etter

Dear J,  I know you are nice. I was wrong. I used to convince myself you were using me for sex,

Open letter to CEO of Exxon Mobil

    Went to Mexican dinner... Jalapeños and shit... Spicy as hell... If you get my drift. Headed on home... Every business I passed... Cause I got gas... Coming out my as

You Represent something

  Hello everyone I just wanted to tell you that no matter where you go you represent something. Always watch how you carry yourselves, it can say a lot about your background, city, and everything else that's affiliated with you. You just ne

High School Relationships

I seem to find that unfortunatley breakups in high school are inevitable. I believe that many teenagers in high school can relate to my experience with boys. I feel like alot of guys in our generation are just looking for the physical aspects in a relat

Be careful how you proceed

People think God is a spirit but he is not he is like a piece of the sun so bright that you can burn your eyes if you look at him, a spirit isn't like that or at least not any spirit that I know.  That was the only way they could speak of him becau

I didn't know he wasn't on Twitter

I rarely use twitter, but i like how he's gaining traction with the public.

I'm gaining greater respect for these internet rebels: Assange, schwartz, Snowden, & Ulbricht. It's great to see information emerging regarding the lies and corrupti

link image preview Snowden's Twitter Gains 1,320,000 Followers in 4 Days

Snowden joined Twitter on Tuesday. Four days later his account has more than 1,320,000 followers. Ed forgot to turn off notifications upo...