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HVAC Repair

Last summer my house got so hot I really think something spontaneously combusted.  Either that or my A/C shorted out and caught on fire.  I definitely need a new HVAC system in my house, as well as a new house.  My house is almost complet

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Tangy, Sweet, Salty.

Loving you kills me. Perhaps its not obvious. Perhaps its not understandable, but its killing me off slowly. Loving you puts me off food, off life itself. I hate you so much

Emails reveal IRS plot to jail conservatives

Emails reveal IRS plot to jail conservatives .   A series of emails from ex-IRS official Lois Lerner, who twice refused to answer questions from Congress about her targeting of conservative groups, reveals she

thats it

esok aku nak balik kampung la cadangnya tapi hayam apa pun xkemaih lagi ngan kain baju bertimbun aku tak sidai lagi aku penat la penat. dok aih aku penat pun sebab minum air bergula (alasan). kenapa aku suka tunjuk perangai huduh kat ora


My friend was helping his son make a vortex canon for his science project when he accidentally made a hole in the roof.  My friend always makes things bigger and "better" than they should be and they usually end up with him replacing or fixing some

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A Whisper In The Dark...

A whisper in the dark caressed me in the form of a gentle hush and I stirred in my bed. My mind raced with flashes and visions of her, the lady in a swarthy onyx gown, her skin the perfect hue of vanilla alaba

the beauty

          Okay your going to think im crazy but, i get why people think that cutting has a romantic side. the fact that someone can love you scars when you dont have the strength to love yourself. To look at

Wow!!! RUMORS!

So theres a rumor going around my school saying that i have AIDS. Which isnt true believe me. Some guy started a rumor saying it and im sitting here thinking wow this guy really must not have alife. Like does he 


'm                           AN AFTERNOON VISITOR &nbs

Everday I see my dream

Love the song YES by LMFAO. The video is about ten minutes long so I try to do as many sit ups and crunches as I can by the end. I'm not in the best shape fair enough and I may take lots of breaks but I'm doing more all the time and hopefully wi

Chapped Lips?

My father and my sister both have this indignity and I thought I could avoid it or by pass it but it seems to me that I have chapped lips.  I can't tell you how pissed off I am but I guess I'll have to put up with it.  I don't know if I got th