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Horse Racing

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Moving On

So I have this friend. He calls me everyday for something new. Or so it is said to be new, but its the same ole' thing with the same outcome. I get shit on and receive nothing in return for all the help I give him. People ask me "Why do you keep helping

Mind over body.

Which will brake first? My mind or my body?  My mind is full. Full of worry, full of appointments, of lists and life. My body seems to be giving up. I have to see a doctor about a neck issue that doesn't want to fully resolve. I hav


I went back to the doctor today and was sitting in the waiting room when a lady came in with her daughter.  They sat across from me and the daughter was helping the woman fill out some simple forms, showing her where to sign, where to print, etc.&n

On This Day: 21st July

I can't believe I nearly missed them all! It's 21st July and a date that goes down as one of my most significant. Firstly, it would have been my eldest cat friend's 11th birthday (or at least, the day he came to live with us). He wa

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Romantic Cake

White cake with red flowers on top. There are tiny pearls in the center of the flowers. There is a picture of a couple in the center of it all. It is a single layer cake for a wedding anniversary.    A man ordered a cu

Come let us Grow Together: Offering

Come let us Grow Together is a weekly series that deals with the many topical categories that exist within the Word of God.  The purpose of this series is to grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding in things pertaining to God. "It wa


Last night I had a crazy dream. Crazy, and so realistic. Aren't those the most interesting kind? They are for me. I won't ever forget this dream. It goes in the box in my mind for

Mornings Suck

Dear Diary, So here I am sleeping... then BAM the alarm goes off. And its not even my alarm. And I dont have to be up for anoth

I can't shake it...

It won't go away. This pain in my heart...this rumble in my gut. This feeling of being is the one feeling that I haven't been able to shake...not but for a precious moment. There was one moment when I felt understood. He was talking t

facebook and secret statuses

I just realized the guy I am currently "seeing," has no one in his life. He is alone, lonely, no friends to speak of. I mean, I didn't think this through. He told me I am his best and only friend once. I sort of dismissed it (I was a little high, I mean

work rant

Okay, I'm pretty upset right now. I'm supposed to be leaving at 2, and my boss knew I had to leave at 2, I am heading out it's my birthday, let me have some fun today? BUT OF COURSE MY BOSS DECIDES ONE FUCKING HOUR BEFORE I AM SUPPOSED TO LEAVE THAT SHE

I'm going to vomit...

I'm sure I've messed up again. He's gonna have one more reason to hate more reason to justify how horrible I am. I don't feel like I can get ahead. I can't get ahead of his misunderstandings. My actions and my intentions are always misread. I k