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Late night thoughts

Sitting on my bed I can't help but question myself. What happened to me?. I have so many friends and family members who love me but lately I have been feeling

live life one day at a time

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the day to day stresses we all face now of days. That we all seem to forget to breath if many like myself can sometimes lay down to go to bed and your mind is running a thousand miles an hour. Over everything from bills

Almost time.

    Just got back from a vacation with my boyfriend. It was amazing. Went to Texas, saw his brother and sister in law. Had nerf wars, went to the movies, went bowling. Then went to Florida. Met his mama, went to the beach, the mall, photo boot

Just a Boring Day

I have resolved to give up on trying to pass the class that I am taking in school since I know I'm going to fail it.  I'm not bothering to finish the discussion board posts or the essay.  I'm tired of beating myself over the head over school w

Recharging (Literally)

So, here I sit, recharging my implant.  No, not big boobs, you boobs.  I have a neural implant in my back which is supposed to help with my back and leg pain.  It doesn't do anything, so far as I can tell, but I

Hiding in Plain Sight

Its time to drop out of another community.  You would think that it would be the place for me.  After all we seek the same thing, you would think it would be the perfect match.  Just how we go about is totally different that I just cannot


finished the livingroom and cleaned the kitchen. im tired but thehouse is clean. tomorrow ill do laundry and maybe cath up on lost sleep. its fine tho. what have you guys been up to lately?

May 24, 2015

Today I went for speed. I did my work out this morning for my 21 day challenge. I managed a 1 minute plank, which is a mega win for me. My arms were killing me, my abs were on fire but I didn't have time to think about it because I had more to do. Super

Waiting For Delivery

So last night I was able to make two purchases that I've been anxious since the day we got a steady place to live. I was able to order a HUGE cage from exotic nutrition and then ordered two stealth wheels! The cage should arrive on Frida