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What I fear.

There are truly only three things I am afraid of: Oblivion, the dark, and the worst of them all.. Grasshoppers. Yes, I understand that you need to jump around, but what do I look like? Your own personal trampoline? 


Kalu bab penulisan ni la kn, bukan apa la, just that kengkadang penulis/pengarang/penaip ni kongsikan sikit bebe

Escaping Myself

The warring factions, emotions, firing off cortisol, slowly, consistently, putting me on edge, a brink, a cliff, ready to dive, to screw the world and plunge, to yell,

Even Creakier than Usual

So, I'm stepping out of the shower.  We have one of those molded plastic numbers, which is fine, I guess.  It has a low step-over and there are seats molded into the insides.  We only use those seats as shelves because they're way too sma

I want to feel something

I feel very numb, I'm not sure if thats even describes it but I can't think of a better word. I been "recovering" for a couple of weeks now and I guess I've made some progress but it's like I've forgotten how to "feel". I mean self- harming and attempti

A tool’s lament, set to E minor

I waited to be sated, ate cheese that was plated Enough! Time for sin! It’s in! Yes In! She - Is it in? Skin and skin separated, Ignobly I withdraw, Deflated Fucking is, or mine is, over rated, Bett

Does it matter?

So, I'm new to this whole blog thing. I keep everything to myself and I'm pretty sure that soon I'll implode. Perhaps I will explode or maybe I will just cave in and shrivel up. None of that really matters to me, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

surreptitiously turning molehills into mountains,   divining outrageous revelations out of the completely ordinary and mundanely benign-   -a bird shitting upon one's head transmuted into a groundbreaking, earth

In closet

sebenarnya aku pernah buat macam itu, cuma waktu ia terjadi, aku tak sedar, benda tu buat dia berkecai di dalam. of course, memang sampai sekarang dia layan aku macam biasa. Dan aku pun tak tau, mungkin tak sanggup nak tau pun apa yg dia rasa al

Making The World Your Bitch

Its a very thin line form what brings you happiness and what makes you sad. Unfortunatly there are some of us who experince sadness more often than happiness. To those of you that are like me I say: Its time. Its time to make the world your bitch! Dont


private :          "just focus on the target"          that's exactly what he said          and then a split second later he was gone   &nbsp


Howard :          I want to get out of this burning room fireman :         not until we grab the fifth witness Howard :         you're right

Top 5 Least Favorite Things Sports Fans Do

"My sports prediction for the day: Kentucky's pretty good!" Actually heard someone on the bus say that. Everybody's a friggin coach in March. Hey, Basketball Jones, I predict..... air! Some fans....alot of fans ruin sports for me. I cannot en

why children don't dream

As a growing pre-adult on the cusp of adulthood and maturity there are a-many new things I am experiencing for the first time. I'm learning what life is really like; with that come many great responsibilities. But as a young pre-adult, I can still look


I went and saw Insurgent today. Honestly I dont know if the books are better because I did not read them bu this movie wasnt that good. The first one was better. It wasnt that you

The Hummingbirds

In the air they fly Red, orange, yellow and purple makes them come by