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Divorced parents

it will get better my parents are divorced and I now have two little sisters I love with all my heart and my step mom Tiffany they are awesome if my parents never got devorced they wouldn't be in my life and me and my step mom would have never m

Gentleman's Circle: Starters

Okay this is also a rule of my, but since I'm being a Gentleman, this is what it's gonna be.  But 'Starters' means convo starters, when guys are trying to ACTUALLY get to know a lady.  It's so simple guys, ask her some personal

Just some food for thought (:

Do you ever wonder if anyone misses you...? You'll never know cause no one bothers to tell you.... I wonder how often I neglect to let people know I miss them.. /: A typical day at least 1 of your friends are home sick.. Or just n

Scanfest's A Smorgasbord Of Fun - New Jersey Herald

BLAIRSTOWN -- The Water Gap Singers, now under the direction of Joseph Mello, will begin rehearsals for their Christmas concert on Monday, Sept. 8. Updated: Thursday, August 28 2014 1:33 PM EDT2014-08-28 17:33:46 GMT DELAWARE WATER GAP, Pa. -- The Delaw

when someone bullies you

when someone bullies you allwase remember that they can't hurt you unless you let them and you don't have to say something back getting upset makes them stronger and they think of you as a weakling and it will take longer for them to stop&n

Be Even More Trendy Using This Suggestions

Having a feeling of style should never be complexed. If you understand the right things, style becomes really simple. There are some cool ideas in the list below article that will certainly make you the peak of style. Continue in advance to famil


Creation... Starts from within... Not always what You want to be... But that which is An integral part Of your existence... What you ARE... Your essential nature.  

The Opening Week Survival Kit - Yahoo Sports

Also, since this post is ultimately in the name of college football, there is a game on ESPNU tonight between Georgia State and Abilene Christian at 7:00 p.m. Another sporty option for tonight is knocking out a few mock drafts to get ready for fantasy f

"the bestfriend"

okay, so i'm gonna get right into this story. Me and my friends are in one big friend group, including my 4 bestfriends. now 3.  I was speaking to this boy for about 10 months, and then we had stopped talking for about a week tops,

August 28, 2014 – Obama Has No Strategy on ISIS…

I posted a blog today which I wrote yesterday.  At the time I decided not to post it because I thought it was too strong.  But that was before I saw a headline on the Drudge Report which exclaimed that “Obama: Has no strategy on

love and hate

love and hate are small words right? well those small words have the power to create something beautiful or damage a soul. love can mend hearts it can brighten your day, heck it could even brighten your whole outlook on life. love can make you smil

August 27, 2014 - Obama Flops Before Veterans…

Only in the Daily Mail On-Line located in Great Britain will you find such equalizing coverage of our first muslim president.  I link the article at the bottom of this post for your information.  I am actually surprised any veterans&rs

from the parapet sleeve

surrounded and surrounding I gather myself to breathe to talk myself down from the parapet sleeve where the day weighs everything down and I bandage in ease my pride to remain but a super

Dealing With Legal Issues? These Ideas Could Help

Picking a lawyer can feel intimidating. You need help as soon as possible, which can be scary. You need some assistance in figuring it out. This article provides you with some tips about hiring and dealing with lawyers, so you can feel more comfor


pain is something so powerful that many people don't know how to handle it. some people handle pain by causing other people pain both physically and mentally. like bullies for example sometimes the reason why they cause other people pain is because of t

The Junk Empire

Most empires are known for their food, like the Romans (Italian Food), the Chinese (Chinese Food), the Aztecs (Mexican Food), etc, so no wonder the conservative zealots in America are really upset that the King of American junk (burger) food is moving t

self portrait

I paint outside the line a dyslexic ease of self and need I run fast to ask myself to be to move forward whether brave or greed in the shadow I am to believe all the truth I tell myself