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These killings don't make much media attention

If they did, they couldn't get people to worry as much about immigrants or invaders. There'd be no endless media guessing about what happened for days. The police in these instances won't know what happened for days. No info whether it was the homeowner


i hate every aspect of life right now. expecially the expenses i cause my  parents , i accidently broke the dish washer, and plus my summer school costed 400$ i have to pay for both of those .. eventually. im not trying to be a disapointmen

Damsel in distress :(

I have had the worst 2 wks in trying to find people who knows how to help a woman stranded. People don't like cash jobs. It maybe not what a garage pays however it's more than $50.00. I am beginning to believe that someone put a spell on me. I n

#177 James Brown...Plays the real thing

Released 1967   One of Browns all instrumental Jazz/funk albums. The band occasionally drifts into the jazz lane, and then Browns Wurlitzer organ pulls them back to the funk lane.     This would be a great alb

Can't think of a title!

So I was talking to someone they other day and they said that they cant wait for their loved one join the company and work near each other and then it got me thinking when i worked with the one who i

best day ever

so today i went to park near kc stadiam with chloe and emily and it was so fun they have got all new things coz of city of culture and also before we  left emily bought me and chloe a ice cream and tonight i am sleeping at chloes it is goin

She must be feeling nostalgic again!

I lost faith in humanity a long time ago. I knew there were mean people and crazy people and all types of other badness. I never expected to be totally trapped one, like a kidnapping where you stay because of someone you love. This psycho has caused me

marriage lessons

Marriage teaches you love,patience,forgiveness,compromise and a ton of other worthless shit you wouldn't need to know if you fucking lived alone.

Introducing Margaret

Hi! I am Margaret the Mummy. I currently live at the Iredell Museums, though, I originally came from a desert oasis known as Al Faiyum in Egypt. 

Are Kids Born Smart

    Did you ever know someone that others referred to as a “brain”? It is a term most commonly used in a

Home Defense is a PC term for the Right to Kill

the idea is to make the bad guys offenseless equally with making good guys defenseless, an ebbing tide lowers all boats. The problem isn't occasional bad guys who find a gun illegally and don't care to follow the law buy not taking it, the problem, real