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My Apologies.

Once again I have made you wait.  I apologize; there was a great beast hindering the power of the magitech that allows me to communicate with you.  Now, with the help of

Day1: First attempt

To keep this blog kicking I have decided to blog hum ideas on chapter one of the Eryn the fire bird Academy blog I guess this is the officail! Review will come out! I hope I do well on this one! I am stil plotting the storie as I intend it to be a diffe

Dear Diary

 Sigh, I must admit diary I am rather bummed at the moment. As you know, considering your my only true friend, I was layed off from my  job, and was forced to enter the cold and barren existential wastleland that is commonly called the job mar

Tina Brown: ‘I Don’t Think [Obama] Makes [Women] Feel Safe’ [VIDEO]

Tina Brown: ‘I Don’t Think [Obama] Makes [Women] Feel Safe’ [VIDEO]


Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Newsweek and The Daily Beast editor Tina Brown said that Democrats were struggling to at

link image preview Tina Brown: 'I Don't Think [Obama] Makes [Women] Feel Safe' [VIDEO]

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," former Newsweek and The Daily Beast editor Tina Brown said that Democrats were struggling to attract ...

Day 133 & 134

For some reason the website wouldn't let me log on yesterday so I couldn't write about day 133, so I'm just gonna write everything in day 134. I didn't do too well, but I didn't do too bad either. I think I've just momentarily lost motivation, and not j


Roberto Clemente (Baseball Pirates de Pittsburgh) S'il ya un joueur de baseball que les jeunes devraient regarder jusqu'à, c'est Roberto Clemente. Clemente était un joueur de champ brillant de la balle, et a eu une batte utiles sur lui aussi. Il a aidé...

est toys for 15 month o

meilleurs jouets pour 15 mois filles et les garçons,sac gucci soldes Je recommande concentrant sur l'essentiel. Vous pouvez toujours aller faire du shopping pour des choses plus élégantes plus tard, m

didas ups 2011 sales go

Hauts adidas objectif des ventes de 2011 que les consommateurs dépensent plus Ces farceurs adorables à Adbusters sont à nouveau. Découvrez leurs annonces de mode frauduleux pour Obsession for Men, Obsession pour les femmes, Évasion (comme dans de Ca

Bare Legs and All

Inhale slowly, hold it in, then exhale. The room around me started spinning, faster and faster. My arms reached out to grab anything that would help me keep my balence. My taste buds were still dancing from whatever it was i had just smoked. My friends

The past had me thinking

I've been thinking about all the people I have had to deal with growing up. The mean ones, the nice ones, the ones that supported me, and the ones that tore me down. And for some reason I was thinking of all the ways I would have come about raising my k

More Minimum-Wage Folly

Socialists in Seattle are agitating for a $20 minimum wage. But they can't find enough volunteers to go out and agitate. (Which should tell them something about their cause.) So, t

Walter E Williams vs Paul Krugman

One likely effect of a minimum-wage increase that krugman seems to have ignored is that some, maybe many, of those businesses will fail. Those minimum-wage jobs will disappear, bec

fart around

it has been a crazy whirlwind lately from the home front to the school front bullying and harassment in disproportionate doses. still trying to sling through my classes, but i would greatly welcome the opportunity to work and get the hel

kulturist no.427

Cross-Border/ Transnational migration , as in the case of inner EU migration ,is merely a mechanism whereby competition within a labour market is maintained and intensified. The Ruling Elites' desire ever more and more workers chasing fewer and fewer jo

Ways To Start Today To Become Fit

Whether you would like to shed 5 pounds or ultimately operate a half-marathon, exercise is definitely an essential subject for your living. Lots of individuals are baffled about how to start when getting back in design. That's what this report tha

my new online support group<3

im NOT sure if the blog i did for this went through so im going to do another one sorry if i did one already...anyway as u all know ive been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks one day i got to thinking is there any1 out there that i could

Best Blenders Presentation (Stick blenders)

Best Blenders Presentation (Stick blenders) It is possible to most beneficial captivation ninja blender? Hardly any your kitchen's could be lacking any captivation ninja blender, individuals just make a great many steps much quite a bit