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Writing early today. It's been a rough day to say the least. And one of those days where I contemplated going back to bed in hopes of it getting better. Spent much of the day home with hubby which is good, except that he really should be out working. Th

work rant

I ask for time off work to go out of town, weeks in advance, they tell me "oh sure, that should be fine. we will work with you on that. and if it turns out we need to schedule you anyways i am sure you can get your shift covered because we have some new

Thank goodness, is working.

It's been a while since I have been on here and everything works.  Today, so far, everything is working.  Hope we can get back to normal.  I miss making my comments.. and sharing my wisdom. 

Hillary (Pinocchio) Clinton

That bitch should have the longest nose ever.  She is a liar to the bone.  Heard her and Billy bob were walking down the street and ole Bill had a real shit eating smile on his face, apparently she was walking a few feet behind him and had her

Keep America Great, Screw Trump

I am not someone who claims any political affiliations.  I am openly Christian, though I am typically inclusive and progressive on social issues.  However, I am currently disgusted by the mantra, “Make America Great Aga

I don't really know...

So, those who know me know that I jump to conclusions way to fast and then overreact. So, I'm going to say on here what i think and if you guys think I should suspect something then ok, if you think I shouldn't then I wont. So, I have a friend (I'm not

President 2017/Girl vs.Boy

Who would be a better fit to run the white house a Clinton or a Trump does Genger matter or could She become pres and bill become the first man many questions Can I get Battle of the sexest going on here to state your reason why a Woman or man should be