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My boyfriend and I went to Monterey this last weekend for his birthday... I thought it was so beautiful driving along the 17 mile drive road that I told him how nice it would be for us to live there...   The next day I was looking u

More Cat Talk

Through their body language and voices cats can speak volumes to each other, other animals-and to you, if you look closely enough and pay attention to the signals. Here’s how to decipher a few of them: Playtime-Whe

Shameless Quotes 10

"You didn't know you were pregnant?" "...what?" "Congratsulations! I hope it's good news!" "WHAT?"

Trump vs. american women-is he a lush?

Trump is a man, many men today can't claim that.  Women will lie about everthing.  They have become aware of the fact that in our sleazball society today lying is the norm and being a crooked loser is considered something great, like Hillary C

Shameless Quotes 8

"Who is he?" "He's with me!" "He doesn't belong here." "Why, because he's black?" "Because he looks 35!" "He's an old soul!"

Shameless Quotes 7

"Wow, best shittiest bar!" "Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about that..." "Yeah I know, I've never been the best at anything!!"

Right to die-Colorado pushes for this now.

Another example of the sick liberal entitlement mentality destroying the values, common sense and sense of duty and responsibilty to others and this country.  Right to die, who disagrees with that?  No one I suspect, but the liberal sick, cowa

Shameless Quotes 6

"Can we fry a shoe string?" "No, let's not fry anything," "Not even the chicken strips?" "Of course the chicken strips!"

Trump, elections are rigged.

They are and we all know it.  The sick loser liberal news media, now ABC has taken over as the most liberal and biased of the three liberal stations.  But of course, look who they have on their stations.   Phony polls saying Hilla

Oct 25, 2016

A good day. No depression. When there is no depression it is always a good day. No panic attacks. No headache. I slept well and only woke up twice. Only once with a bad dream. A dream about HIM of course. He isalways bigger than life. Always

Responsible Usage

An hour long bicycle commute is not for many people, especially if it's just the one way. Most of us aren't fond of an hour long commute of any sort. Total Usage used the whole battery for a strong 40 mile ride. A ride that would have be


Wow, today has been quite the day so far and it's not even 10:30...I'm trying to just be thankful for opportunities that are present in my life, so I don't want to start complaining about how over-whelmed I feel but geez, this morning was like the cherr

update on por and jaj

Well I talked to her again last night. She asked me to call her because my ex boyfriend (her new fuck buddy) is still refusing to commit. I literally saw this coming, from personal experience. She was super sad. She told me that he never returns the fav