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Moringa Advantages

Moringa Oliefera is truly the Miracle Tree. Moringa Oliefera is one of the most potent natural multi-vitamin super foods in the world.

IEEE projects in Bangalore

Cegonsoft is a bangalore based IT training and software development center which provides job oriented IT training in the platforms such as PHP & Mysql, RIA, LAMP, Software testing, Java/J2EE, .net, web 2.0 and python. cegonsoft gives projec

So it happened. Again...

but this time it was different. This time it wasn't so bad... In fact I quite enjoyed every single minute of it. I'm not sure what was different this time than the last few times. I can't really pin point it out. I just know this time it was... better.

Lovin' This New Beginning :)

Alright ... this is more of a test blog post to understand exactly how this all functions. So far so good :)   I thought about getting my personal domain name but immediately decided that there is nothing wrong with starting out wit

Breaking down

Do you ever wonder where happiness comes from? why it comes and gos? why cant we make ourselves happuy over something bad turn the situation around and find the good in it the things thayt make yoyu happy!  iI have been struggling with happiness th

Giving it UP

Thoughts that come across my mind everyday include: I use social media too much, I wish I was an even more Godly woman, I need to stop living in the future, how can I get rid of negativity in m

Our Town Khardi Complaint

Hi, I have purchased a plot at Our Town Khardi Heights 2 project in May 2007 but sadly have not been able to register it until date. Very frustrated as full payment was made in Aug2010. Poor service from Our Town - no updates and my request fo

Hands and Feet

God gave (most of) us hands and feet. 10 fingers. 10 toes. The ability to walk. The ability to hold. We were born to move freely. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky. Not everyone is born


I feel bad for not being able to blog about about things lately, I'm so sorry. I've extremely busy, I'm a dancer so I'm usually traveling. I will update as much as I can before the year ends, but anything that I don't blog about here I'll post i

My life right now

Well when I wake up I'm going to family court to file an order of protection because my ex decided to threaten to kill me and my entire family, with no provocation from us. I filed a report and if he is in the state he will be arrested. He is messing wi

Who would have ever thought?

My high school career was not all that great. I was one of those students that figured out what I needed to do to just pass and get out. I was accepted to

mezo อาหารเสริมลดน้ำหนัก ขอแนะนำ คาเฟอีน: วิธีการที่ไม่ได้จริงๆส่งผลกระทบต่อสุขภาพของเรา?

ขณะข้าตื่นพระบรรทมรุ่งโรจน์มาหาในช่วงเช้าตรู่พวกผมหลายผู้มีชีวิตเข้าถึงด้วยว่าสิ่งของชงกาแฟเขตจักเตะตั้งต้นทิวาสิ่งของข้าพเจ้า ยอมแถวสมาพันธ์กาแฟสากลประมาณ 1.6 คาดถ้วยกาแฟถิ่นที่มีงานเสพทั่วโลกทั้งหมดกลางวัน อาหารพร้อมทั้งยารักษาโรคของใช้สหรัฐ (FDA


Come on!!! Admit it!!! We've ALL jumped from couch to couch and/or bed to bed trying to avoid the lava!

would you let bill cosby pour you a drink?

kirk cameron is the latest to come out claiming that cosby slipped him a mickey and raped him.  something is up here. why have all these people decided to come out about it after keeping it quiet for so long?