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Ukraine crisis shows divisions in old Soviet bloc

Poland's international minister have clear key phrases about the downing within the Malaysia Air carriers jumbo aircraft during Ukraine - blaming the actual crash and burn regarding Russia-backed "bandits. " However , all the way through the majority of

These Are Beautiful Aboriginal Women And we come in Different Colours/Shades

I know I look good even yif you aren't willing to tell me.

Even if you aren't willing to tell my my mother, my aunt or my sister that they are beautiful.

I know.

We all know. 

That there is nothing ugly about us.&nbs

link image preview Beautiful Australian Aboriginal Women

Aboriginal Australian Beauties. Australian Aborigine. Art. culture. Life. Love. Friendship. Smiles. Australia. History. Discussion. Perce...

Australian Aboriginal Beauty

I just wanted to talk about the lack of representation for Australian Aboriginals. I could find several people that looked like Samantha Harris, and they could be any colour of the rainbow but it appears that she is enough. One is not enough.&nb

One sweet day...

Sometimes the world can be a horrible place! Turn on the news to see that a plane has been shot down and killed all on board!!! what is wrong with the world? When such evil comes out and kills 298 people... it's a disgrace!! 28 australians and a

The love of my life

I never wanted or thought I would have kid(s). I waited until the ripe old age of 30 to have my first child. Yep, I remember it like it was yesterday!!! She slipped right out, lol, and I nearly fainted!!!! Now I won't bore you with all the cute little d

China sends spy ship off Hawaii during U.S.-led drills

China has sent a spy ship to high sea off from Hawaii within a giant U.S.-led naval exercise involving 22 countries, all the while Beijing participates inside the drills the very first time this holiday season, the U.S. Navy said on Sunday. The Navy pla


GeRMaNy WiNz.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!