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I am happy to report I filmed a zombie survival movie lol yes

Two Sides Of The Same Coin....

What side of the coin do you fall upon?

Hate and anger or love and tolerance?

Isn't it funny how the both the political parties seem to fall into one two groups?

Bet you can guess which one into which group and why that is.....</

link image preview Homophobic Preacher drowned out by Love and Tolerance

A hate spewing preacher came to visit James Madison University, here is how her students responded. Video of Preacher ranting before stud...

Lets start at the beginning.

If you were to ever receive a card from this particular branch of the Flower family, it would look something like this:              Dear Blah,      &amp;nb

A sweet 16 to remember.

So last night was Alicia's 16th birthday party and oh my gosh was it dramatic! So update on all the goss cause my memorys are slightly hazing so need to write this down while I remember it. So I got drunk very very quickly which annoyed James a little b

vent plans or canceled

Blargh!!!!!What a flippinn pain in the butt. It has become such a flippin pain that I just about want to cancel all the damn plans and you know what it might be a hell of a lot easier. Dang I am getting tired I am not i love heck I don't even know how I

Jenis darah

Times| Jepang Dan mereka selalu tampak diambil terkejut ketika saya mengatakan saya tak memiliki ide. Tapi mengapa harus tahu tipe darah saya? Ive selalu menjadi sehat. Pete M., Ehime Dear Pete, Ah, percakapan ketsueki-gata (tipe darah). Emang s

Finding A Way to Shout OUT...

In my 24 years of existence i have never been the kind who ever let my feelings show and my mind mind speak. Whenever I have something h