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Can't we just fall back to a simpler time? One without what we feel inside?

... Life

It's honestly one of those day's when I just want to cry... Everyone's babies are advancing like they should. Everyone can take their babies and go

Is this the beginning of my happily ever after

The past is a funny thing. He is so bent up about the past, why didnt he ask me out sooner? Why didnt he try harder? He couldnt have. The past is the past. You cant change it no matter how much you wish you could. Everything happens for a reason. We wer

The great media cover-up of Iran inspections

Politicians are grandstanding about making inspections strong enough to make sure Iran doesn't cheat about hiding nuclear weapon research and production. Six nations are about to sign agreements with Iran based upon 'open inspections.'  .

Finding the right words

you never know what to say, when your just stuck thinking they say just write anything but somtimes writing anything is not always what you want.what could be holding you back could just be your way of thinking.

Now that we have video

that Planned Parenthood has a 4th stream of funds will it sink in what is going on?  They get the fees from their clients, the

My Mind is Having Troubles....

Lately, I seem to be having trouble remembering the things I want to remember. I can have the most potent things to write about and once I get the chance to write it, my mind goes blank.  But when I'm around water, there's something about w

Are You Kidding Me? No. I'm An Idiot.

So, for the last few hours, on and off, I've found myself arguing with another Christian about homosexuality, God's love and intent, etc.  What the hell? See?  I'm just........................stupid.  I "argue" with my two-year ol

recent events...

a serial killer showed up around me,then he was killed sometime later in east coast. i noticed some other evil agents too.

I'm scared.

Dear Rose,   I'm scared of my heart being broken.  I've felt it before. My mind feels heavy. What can I do to make this feeling go away? I know the past is the past, but what if it comes to haunt you? Just let it go? I'm scared

Need to Vent

  I have told my ex these words over and over again. He doesn't get it and I'm starting to think, he never will. I'm just so tired of him letting our son down and see

Unending Love

Today is her birthday, and I panicked as I looked through some ads on what she might like, and as I browse, I start to see some jewlery, some chocolates, and flowers. Flowers. Unadulterated beauty that is as graceful and beautiful as she is, and gives n

Sleep Paralysis - RISP - This IS My Nightmares EXACTLY!

Holy shit. I never suspected this is an actual condition. I was never sure if I was really aware of the room or if it was just part of the dream although I often can see the clock and know the current time. But being unable to move, the creatures in the

link image preview Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person, either falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, spea...

I Awaken

  I awaken each day   To life’s swee