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You know that this truly hurts, but you still keep on doing so. Is this because you're foolish? No . But because you're still hoping that one day, those people will soon realize, know and see

Unsent (Missing You)

I miss you when you're not texting me .. I miss you when you're not around . But I'm missing you more when you go here to see me, but eventually would leave me again.   This feeling is so agonizing :'(  


I was sad and angry before.  I see that I do have support.  I may have problems with some people, but it's not everyone.  I have to stop generalizing.  People will think I'm paranoid or something once again and misconstrue me. 

never be the same

It was years of laughing and playing. We were best friends. We met at a young age, and weren't instant friends it was a slow journey. The end of highschool came and it was set in stone that we'd never stop talking, we'd always be close. I wanted

I want to be loved

'What makes you afraid of being loved?'   The broken silence shook me but the content of the question surprised me most.   "I'm not...? Why do you think that?"   I could still see him shrug

The End of the Dungeon.

We entered another room, one of peace and chaos.  The room itself resembled a tranquil forest, with birds singing, bees flying, and a few deer.  The enemies, however, wer

Things that make my skin crawl

yes this is a list of things that make my skin crawl, why because it's Halloween and why the fuck not #socks #espanyolo  moist-that is the most disgusting word on the planet, let's just take it off the planet and not say it anymore ever&nbs

Troubled thoughts

I'm tired of feeling sorry for who I am I'm done being the person you want me to be My heart feels so empty No sense of happy   I want to come home But I feel trapped in this place Family mean


College. Now that I'm a Junior that word seems to come up a lot. "Cat, what do you want to major in when you go to college?" "Hey, got any plans for college?" "Caite, what college do you want to go to after high school?" And let's not forget the 20+ ema

Next Stage of Life

I've been in my first year of university for a couple months now. I've created a routine and I've adjusted to this new place. As much as I wanted this to feel like a new beginning, it only feels like I'm falling into a bit of a funk. Although I love the

what is love?

what is love?  is it a trap that everybody falls into but only few get out of? is it as sweet as sugar, yet sour as a lemon?

October 28, 2014 – Didja See the Video…

Did you see the “anti-CommieCrat” video yet?  If you haven’t you should see it for yourself.  It is brilliantly crafted, edited, acted and written.  It is better than a professionally produced campaign video.&nbs

You're Not Here

I see you, working under your truck. Years pass and still it is stuck. You're not here. I feel you next to me, in the cold bed. Trying to erase your memory from my head. You're not here.   I

halloween, and over reactions to it

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! ITS MY FAVORITE NEXT TO THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS. My friends and I are busy planning our costumes and deciding what to dress up as, which I know is going to be so much fun. But lets not forget there a

Deleting my thoughts account

Hello people, I am deleting my thoughts account. I dont get on, because I don't need to get on any more. I also wanted to say, thank you to the people that have helped me with my depression and with helping me become a better person.  

The Deep Well

I read a book by Ann Rice quite a while back.   It was titled,  "Memnoch The Devil"   inside the front cover I found this poem.   It was written by Ann Rice's father.   I knew it word for word after the first reading and it has