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A Devastating, Dangerous Fire and.................

This little article from a little newspaper is from my hometown.  This fire took out two barns, 100 round bales of hay on the property my ex-husband and daughter live.  My sons got the call, rushed to help.  Everyone was in danger and....

link image preview Wildfire that burned nearly 200 acres under investigation

MORRISON, Okla. - The cause of a wildfire that burned nearly 200 acres Monday afternoon is under investigation. A farmer told NewsChannel...

Crappy Days

  It’s a crappy day; don’t tell me otherwise. There’s snow mixed with rain, or vice-versa, and lunch with

A wish

I miss you, your smile (that lighted my world), your voice (that melted my heart), the way you looked at me (made me blush and embarrassed.  I wish I could see you one last time, to hold you, kiss you and caressed your body. To look into ea

I know my worth...but he never did

I am so pissed!!!!! I know it sounds cliche', but hear me out. I gave my ex-boyfriend everything. I gave him my love, my body; I learned to be patient, to bite my tongue, to be more understanding. And I waited for him to change. I waited for him to star

Love is

Love is far too natural to confine yourself in ways you find unnatural.  Don't be afraid to express it however comes most genuinely, even if it appears bizarre to others.   For every manwhore and selfish slut and all that


Lots of challenges in life just to survive in this world. You are trying to rech your goal &ambition that' s why you  need determination.       It is said that dream of a person could

Feeling good

Well I'm feeling pretty good this morning. I stepped on the scale and it now reads 162.2 so I'm down 4 oz, which isn't too bad. I can't help but feel better knowing that I'm getting cl

Nice Surprise

Until yesterday, I hadn't been on Thoughts for a while, but I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised.  There is a big difference in what the site was (spam and glitches galore) the last time that I visited and what it is now (the kinks seem to