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Dying Breed (please listen)

This is a powerful message and we as a people need to take a true look into what we are teaching our youth. Show our young ladies that they are beautiful just the way they are and show our youth men the value in working hard. God charged us with the dut Gemstones - Dying Breed - Elephant In The Room

New Music From Gemstones. Follow Gemstones on Twitter: Gemstones Official Website http://www.gemstonesforl...

What a Waste

"I wish you weren't so shy, Darla," said Mom for the hundredth time.  "You're wasting your talent.  You should never waste anything, you know."  Mom went on with her dusting as she talked.    "What talent, Mom?"

Just try your best

  “You can try the best you can/you can try the best you can/the best you can is good enough.” –

Stupid Romantic Comedies

I've just spent two hours in this house, alone, watching some stupid show about two people and the beginning of their relationship. The first date, kiss, etc. Ugh! It's like I'm a masochist. I know the natural response is, "One day you'll have that agai

7 day challenge

So other then school I think I'm going to use this to help keep track and me motivate  myself to lose weight  right now I've let myself go because of my depression and anxiety being out of school for so long and never Leaving my house but I th

Hypocrites! SUCK!

So I need to BITCH! That's right. I'm very irritated. My boyfriend is such a hypocrite and he's the first to bitch about people who are and say how he tries not to be. But seriously thats how he is, that's all he does. DRIVES ME NUTS! Some examples you

Day seven

Day seven: I don't mean to come off as vain or even sound vain, but am I really that desirable as a person? Well, my exes think so. My ex from Scotland messaged me today and asked if things were good reguarding my boyfriend. When I said yes and asked hi

The 529 Plan chooser

First off, here is a great website for 529 Plan: This website pretty much talks about 529 from ground-up.  I am not going to summerize what a 529 p


A tip from a friend some lies were said.  An email from another who cares said a bended story was told which prompted me to post this and be online for a few hours.  Wrinkles should be ironed neat.  The true version will

Boy Crazyyyy

Okay, so literally all my "relationships" in the past two years have been online or over the text message. Well I'm in college now so I've got lots of options right? WRONG! The ratio of males to females is 4 to 1. I have a crush on two people. One is th