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Chapter 1: The Foundation of it All!

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1   Its wonderful that you may know of Jesus Christ, His Father God, and all the great works He has done in all the earth.  Bu

No peace at home

I'm really upset tonight. I have been upset since I was a child. My mom has been verbally abusing me and my siblings since we were children. For every little mistake, she would scold us and insult us. She would make us feel inadequate that we were good

im here once again.

I want to live and grow old and love. But I also want to rest, and not feel anymore. And it kills me to have to decide which. Because you see, there's a war in my mind. And I'm still fighting, but growing weaker everyday second. But I'm glad to know, th

The Corwin Amendment, part 2/2

It makes sense once you understand that the Civil War was not about slavery. Not for the North. Not for the South. The Corwin amendment episode alone proves that beyond any reasona


... are. . me The sigh that escapes my soul The strength that wraps around me,  makes me whole The breath that catches with each exhalation of your touch You. . are to me.