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Tory Conference

Some people say image is everything in politics. It is certainly true that professional politicians care very deeply about image and devote significant resources to its m

2,353 Days

  When I met my ex-boyfriend (high school & college sweetheart) I was not as strong of a person as I am today. I’

Who Preaches the Gospel Today?

Jesus said in Mark 13:10 that ‘ the gospel must first be published among all nations’ before the end comes. Matthew 24:14 echoes these very sentiments. What is the content of this gospel? Who today peaches it?

Where is My Bed???

Why am I not in bed right now? Oh that's right; school. My favorite. >:c At least I have music and my friend Abby. If you like my blogs, you should check her out. i'll post her link right here. --> &

For people who actually read my blog posts.

So you know how it's my dream to write a book? Well my firends it's time. I am goign to write a book and sell it on amazon. My aunt has explained the process and I'm very excited :) If everything goes well then this will be my career. It's scary because


My grandson, DJ, around 2 y/o, had a cream donut with Halloween icing. Being a kid he was taking little bites out of the top to get the icing.

Music ╒

lmao, what even is that thing after my title. idek. SO HOW IS EVERYONE? HOPEFULLY GRAND HEHEHEH. music. music is my boyfriend/girlfriend. lmao i am so gay help. I am currtenting listening to Ghuleh/Zombie Queen by Ghost (B.C). it is a very super good so

Endless Dreaming - A Change Is Needed

I have been having 2 or 3 dreams a night since I started those supplements. That's more dreams then I've has in my entire life combined until now. (Excluding nightmares).

Let the good times roll...

Infrastructure gone to hell….roads, gas lines, bridges and buildings….poverty rampant….every imaginable need going unheeded and we do what? Why, we spend billions

Effortless Travel Secrets Uncovered

It is also thought that each realm has many the North Pole – North Pole, New York that is. Continental Airlines plans to slash 3,000 jobs and reduce full flights, or expect that route to be on the chopping block. null Inside - walls, fans, windows, stor

filling out papers to buy a gun

  the latest is that on the multible paperworks to fill out to get a gun they (the government) has added one more cute little box: what race are you. What does that have to do with anything. I think the next thing will be why aren't blacks

Photography is dead – Mobile has killed it

Over the weekend I decided to organize our family photos. I thought it was time create nice albums to look back at over the years. Between my camera, iPhone and my wife’s iPhone there were many pictures that required sorting and


The reason for my recent Challenge is because I have noticed the gathering of people who have latched on to the word "Selfie."  They view it with some alarm and I can feel it in my bone