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I know there comes a time in everyone's life where they having that changing moment. I wanted to know how old were you when you finally woke up and changed your life around for the good and what made you change? 

How do you deal?

Exes , baby mamas and the side chick .... If your with wagon wine and its always drama with the women his deals with how much do you take? How long before you pop off? How do you confront that person? 

Qualifications: Godmother

Children are such precious beings that we all love and want to protect. Alot of people are given the role of the godmother to a child. I know you may have picked the godmother for the sake of it being your friend. But how do you pick a godmother and wha

Would you stay?

Would you stay with your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, or fiancé if you knew that they were cheating? How long would you stay in the relationship knowing that they aren't committed? And last question is how many times will you let them ch

How To Give 100% And More

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100 % ? Athletes who claim they're giving 110 %, for example.   What does 100% mean? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?   Here's a mathemat

day thirty-eight

Day 38: Today was kinda annoying. There were so many annoying and mean customers. I really don't want to work Wednesday because of the fact that they are going to get meaner. Stupid holiday rushes! On the other hand, I didn't have to stay at a r

& There she was.

"& there it was, since the moment I saw her; I never knew what a dime was until I met her then I realized there it is, a dime. Perfect and unattainable. A diamond you can't touch just look at. A rare beauty."      &nbsp

day thirty-seven

Day 37: Today, uh well, last night me and my boyfriend made up. Thank god for that. It made me so happy! Eh, but I didn't get to sign my paper work so I won't be able to become a COS until late. Which sucks because I was supposed to start Saturd

Lets start over...

If I could i'd completely change our situation... i'd rewind to the moment that I first met you and looked you in your eyes... I'd change not asking enough questions and communicating better. You see i'm the kind of 

My Brain is Odd ... Surprise, Surprise!

I've been looking for someone whose brain "sees" things the same way I do.  Hubby's is completely different, though I'm sure there must be someone out there who "sees" at least one of the things that I "see."   What do you see


i got her she got me we talk for hours and she listens i listen we have a tree that is as old as me when i first saw her i thought she was pretty cool i thought she was just going to be a b

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