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Found out the problem with the kittens eye is called a third eyelid protrusion and can be a sign of a wound and or the cat could be suffering from diarrhea, a virus or an infection I finally (finally!) Got the kitten to start drinking replacemen

Wishing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Lately Ive been wishing for the zombie apocalypse.  That way all the weak people who rely on others for everything would be gone because only the strong would survive.   I'm having a rough couple of days.  I'm fresh off of

Be Strong

I've heard this saying my whole life to be strong to not let my emotions show. At age ten I had to be strong as I watched my dad walk away because my mom cheated as my older sister cried I had to be strong. When my sister left and my mom disowned me I h

what did I do

as we walked into the tattoo parlor a year ago I was ready to make this committment to her. she was getting "be your everything" and I was getting "be your forever". on our ribs we were going to get tattoo together that meant so much to each of us. be y


yeah i will i will hate on your happiness cause i can and i will -Novah


I'm alive.   ...................and now you know.


is it wrong that i get this feeling in my whole body that when i talk to him it feels like when you reach the top of the roller coaster when potential reaches to kinetic than mechanical tht feeling you get


i can be a magician im really good at making myself dissapear i get lost in myself i wanna be a tatoo artist - Novah

A New Not Path

After high school I have found that who I hung out with, how I treated others and how I felt about myself were all wrong. I graduated only a few months ago and feel that I am already gaining knowledge on the true objective of this chaotic thing we suppo

Lost (A story)

He  walked along the  dark, rainy streets, hood up, trying to be as incon

July Twenty-Seventh

Lately I've been doing great.... and then everthing all fell apart again. Drew and I were getting along and we havent fought in a couple of weeks and he seems like he is really happy b

What Have I Done?

I keep thinking of the past and worrying about the future. Will i go to college? Will I find someone that makes me feel like Dakota did? I seriously miss him and the person I was when I was with him. He made me a better person. Now i find myself al

Anxiety....fucking deal with it

Such an OVERDIAGNOSED problem. Every patient I have, of all ages....ANXIETY. On meds for ANXIETY. It's called LIFE. Get over it. We naturally have worries, fears, get upset, and cry. You don't need a fucking pill or a ca