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New Year & Stale Beer

As 2015 approaches, many people including myself, tend to look back at the year asking ourselves important questions like "Did I achieve every goal I wanted to"

Quite Thoughts

I'm having a hard time quiteing my thoughts tonight. I hear the sound of my husband sleeping on the couch, the shadow of the Christmas lights comming through the blinds of my bedroom window, and my mind is raceing ...... The only movement is the celing


ever feel so unwanted? By friends, family, and even strangers. I've never really been close to my family ever. It's not that I don't want to it's just that they judge and push me away. I know it sound All stupid, but how am I supposed to be happy when I

New Blog:))

Hey people! I'm Lily:)) Anyways, this is my new blog! I'll be posting random stuff about life and I'll be giving advice if anyone needs help so fe

Let's Burn the Movie

All the politicians can make their threats and speeches, all the Hollywood power players and brokers can give their interviews and make their position known, and all the liberals can blame and the conservatives mock, but when the lawsuits come down, Son

Jealous Twat

i find it amusing how most stupid hoes are entirely insecure.  <insert eye roll>    

Thankful For Small Things

Picture this:  You are standing on the sidewalk minding your own business, possibly gazing longingly into a window at a cashmere scarf that would go fabuously with your magnificent camel hair coat.  Suddenly, from around the corner you see a L

I Was Walking Down The Road

Well I was walking down the road one day.  Maybe not today but I did walk down the road.  I was exploring this new community I was in.  I was happy because it was new and I love checking things out.  Anyway I ran into this person.&nb

Used and Unloved

I agree with all this. I've been treated so bad. I feel like the outsider. No one cares about me. When you say you love me it goes into one ear and out the other. It seems like you don't love me at all. You boss me to do everything and you don't bother

Used and Unloved

Sometimes, I feel like you guys don't love me at all. For you, I am the worker. I help you work and you think I will run the farm when I get older and I dont mind doing that but I have other dreams too. I can work all day for you in snow, rain, freezing

If You Do Something Back

Bullies always aim for the weak ones! If they say something to you and you answer back rudely it just makes them happy. If you cry about it then they'll just be so happy and come for you again. If you just ignore them and just smile and keep being happy