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Dear Thoughts Staff

my good friend and longtime member mister-sandman is apparently unable to access the site currently, and many of us (including him) would greatly appreciate if you could look into this matter and get his account back functional as soon as possible. than


Well, it's been a very long time since I've last checked out this site.  I don't know why but it just happened, time ran past m

Why He Can’t Keep It in His Pants

New research suggests men and women have a similar ability to resist temptation, but men’s resistance fails more often because they experience stronger sex impulses.   Res

The Evolution of Guts

  Guts are a dimension often overlooked in creatures. Also one of the more interesting for a lot of reasons. This shows how it

Go spider go!

Just cherring on the spider sucking the life out of a pitcher bug :)  Yes yes yes,, I know... At the tail end of last spring I should have swept all the webs away of various spider webs but then though,,, Scott, you know what ? They are your friend

Please Read (Even if You Hate Me)

Its about Trudy! Some of you know her some of you don't. Well please keep her in mind! Here's what happened. 1: Her boyfriend killed himself. No one knows why! Trudy says she has a good feeling why he did it. So she's in super depression. 

Braid Hairstyles - Simple Step By Step Guide

Braided rugs are extremely flexible within the capability to include colour and heat to any room inside a home. They have been doing this a long time because pioneer women initial brightened their houses with rugs made out of scraps of previous fa

Love isn't the way to treat a friend

There's a poem called "Love isn't the way to treat a friend". I don't remember that much of it, but I do remember that it was about people who claim you are important to them are the most likely to treat you like shit. I always thought that held a lot o

need help

love how my dad changes my topic i told him i wanted to do it on graduation but he changed it to my passion for art anyway i guess im doing success on my passion outline I. introduction    A) attention getting device

I Can't Stand It. I Don't Get It

I wouldn't call it love. Who knows, because I have no fucking clue what that is anymore. Is it dying for someone? I wouldn't say so, because honestly I'm too fucking nice I'd die for an


To assume makes an ASS out of yoU and ME. So in my opinion you better do your research first. And all I got to say is you better find out everything before you say a damn thing. Cause I guarantee that you don't know shit about the truth. One word of adv