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Just Like that

Ain't nothing so far gone from the earth all round like you never even seen any photograph of that earth all clouds and water and earth like you walk outside you see like 500 feet like 300 kilometers across the water that's it there is no earth there is

Courage to move on!!!

Once in a lifetime I changed my mind an walked away... I didn't lose my breathe for I knew your comfort lies within the greatest lies, These days turned to be the happiest times , my eyes are shi

drunk thoughts

I'm drunk enough to have the confidence to post this finally. Finally.   He... he's so perfect. Well he's not perfect. he's shorter. taller than me but shorter than anyone i've ever been with. he came off so humble. so weird and so


My Thoughts friends have really been great to me. I happened upon my last mistake before I began to learn new skills so it was my very last tie that bound me. Tomorrow I'm off to learn new more new skills. This chick shall never chase another man in all

for now

It just won't come, any of it.  Hints, ideas that won't quite form, whole stories that just won't begin.   Meanwhile my head is preoccupied with what's in my heart, thoughts and feelings I can't express because they are mine, a

Whelp... I am back. Hopefully(:

Hey, how is it going?! Dont know how many people are reading this (or really if anyone is), BUT I will hope for the best. When i was last on here... It was  my junior year of high school (seems like forever ago in reality it has only been two years

Not Good Bye, But A Thank You

It seems like every time I try to type something, something stops me. I reread something I had written all at once after thinking about it all day. It was well written actually, but just something I could never post here without people really getting th


have you everbegin to cry, and didn't even know why? but it's like your heart took you to a dark place, it's as unrecognizable as a strangers face, you try to smile, but it's more of

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I suppose an update is in order

Well folks, heres the Readers Digest condensed version... Life took a big dump on this old broad. It was bound to happen. Suffice it to was my turn. And im ok with that. Im an introvert by nature. When things get rocky I become more of

Trading places

Murder's once beating heart lay lifeless, sliced in half by Suicide's dagger.   Silence, once bound and gagged by Curse's, is finally released from her agony.    No more heavy breathing No more hear

There should be a law for " Assisted Dying ".

True it could mean more people dying but it would also mean less people suffering. Think about it. Could you or have you stood by and watched a love one die a very slow and paiful death ? I don't believe anyone has the right to not let someone a

the trinity

I am a runner by necessity a penance in physical form I am a poet in theory a mindful exorcism of everything sore I am a loner by nature a broken wing looking to soar I am ...

my day

hi my day was so bad woke up to the alarm didn't go off so kira didn't get to school she was hard to handle today strating the house was slow it was so like make u

Two Girls part 3

My name's Winter and this is how my last day started.... "Winter!! Come on we cant be late for school today." My friend, Reyna, yelled from the front door.  "I'm coming Rey Rey!!" I yell back. Mom must have let her in. No w

Questions...I need answers.

I want to be with you but I don't. I find myself feeling guilty when i speak to other people, even if there is no flirting involved. I feel like I'm hiding something, is that my own guilty conscience...   You do something so sw