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I use to be funny with a clown on my hand saying all the things I never could such a sarcastic wit that crossed lines and burned bridges that poked people to insight a riot or a cursed reaction


This weekend the parade came right past our home.   This is one weekend out of the year that I DO NOT want to deal with kids.   I take care of them ALL the time, my house is clean, my yard is awe

Game of Life Season 50 Trailer

Season 49 is ending without the big finale that was expected. Just a signature on a piece of paper and that was it. People watching might have expected a big “fuck you” and a party but there was none of that. Not that signature was all that

New job

ok. Starting new job. gonna get this!!!! Little nervous...:) :(

Dear brother in humanity, Lord God/Jesus

You know, more than I, that I am nothing but another of us mere physically dying humans and You know what You have provided(Bible, Spirit, and understanding) that I attempt to share and how inadequate I am in my ability to.   You ha

Personal Space

I had an encounter last night with a man in the check out line at Walmart. I had two orders of groceries, and had them separated. The conveyer belt was full, and I was concentrating


Sometimes I get different ideas while trying to think f what to say here. Other times just drop to this page then go for it. Well a little different with lots of questions to be put down. For the most part have thought about this for many years then aga