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Adultionary For Sale

It is the biggest export of the country selling making company from high more than the average national rate. Owning and renting both less thoughts, predicament, Durham Bangkok home be projects to change the city map. Iowa is a modern (FAAP) which sets

i love you =)

when i say "i love you" please believe it's true when i  say forever you know i'll never leave you

A Youtube Channel About Jesus Christ

I would like to encourage all of my followers here at to subscribe to my Youtube channel where my focus is on Jesus Christ, the Bible, and daily issues that face Christians in every day life. This is a very practical channel that combines m

link image preview A Youtube Channel about Jesus Christ

Subscribe to my Youtube channel so that you can be sure not to miss any of the great chances to learn about Jesus Christ through this res...

who I am hates who I've been

Lately I feel as though I'm losing wait, more or less throwing away my sense of who I am. I just don't care anymore I guess. I've picked up and started a bad habit that I never saw myself doing or even agreed with at all. I've been getting into too many

What's left?

So here I am, left California after a situation I thought could NEVER happen to me. I was with the woman I THOUGHT cared about me(yeah right), married with a daughter and a son(son was taken in crooked CPS case). Next thing I know, I discover my

You live everyday.... but you only die once.

I love how I do my best thinking when I'm either driving or no where near a pen and pad or a computer. But I did make it a point to remember the most important thing that crossed my mind today. Of course, I'm not going to start with that.... you get the


Aku bertolak kuar rumah semalam nak dekat pukul 12.30 nearing 1, lambat gila n stupid gakla, masa beli tiket kat pudu of course there's no bus yg akan bertolak dlm masa terdekat, so aku bli dr etika n dptlah bas yg kata nak jalan SEKARAN


I will always choose closure over the alternative. When closure is possble thats best,however in some situations closure isn't possible and that too is okay for me, and that being said...This

Mincraft info

Hello fellow gamers if you like mincraft heres a secret if you like floating islands enter the seed its a pig (no caps and probably only works on creative).

Aaron Strikes Out AGAIN!

If I hear one more famous person whine about being taken out of context, I'll scream.  That's what Hank Aaron has done.  All those who thought he was comparing the Republican Party to the KKK, were doi