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October 28, 2014 – Didja See the Video…

Did you see the “anti-CommieCrat” video yet?  If you haven’t you should see it for yourself.  It is brilliantly crafted, edited, acted and written.  It is better than a professionally produced campaign video.&nbs

You're Not Here

I see you, working under your truck. Years pass and still it is stuck. You're not here. I feel you next to me, in the cold bed. Trying to erase your memory from my head. You're not here.   I

halloween, and over reactions to it

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! ITS MY FAVORITE NEXT TO THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS. My friends and I are busy planning our costumes and deciding what to dress up as, which I know is going to be so much fun. But lets not forget there a

Deleting my thoughts account

Hello people, I am deleting my thoughts account. I dont get on, because I don't need to get on any more. I also wanted to say, thank you to the people that have helped me with my depression and with helping me become a better person.  

The Deep Well

I read a book by Ann Rice quite a while back.   It was titled,  "Memnoch The Devil"   inside the front cover I found this poem.   It was written by Ann Rice's father.   I knew it word for word after the first reading and it has

A Spotlight On Easy Programs Of Perfume For Him

The bi-folding aspect of the doors allows them appreciate it when their guests at least make an attempt to learn a few of their words. The best way is to try on the fragrance blotters first, then choose the smell that you like and try the location of a


I guess Ed doesn't want me to know who he is because he's got me blocked out on facebook.  LOL.  At least I know that he ain't any of the weirdos that were aggravating me.  I do know that he's probably scared or some shit, which he has no

How To Choose Effective Colors for a Business Logo

it’s all about the cleats "It looks nice now. It’s a blessing to come back here. It’s somewhere I spent so much time as a kid, honing my skills and just being a kid here. "It’s a "living learning lab," " Williams said. "At the end of the day we have

pistorius sobs in court over murder charges

family says black on black crime doesn Looking back at my four years of school, it amazes and astounds me how much I have learned. I must have done a hundred projects. Studied for twice as many tests. There are 138 year round campsites, showers, a p

how magnus walker became the world

gym shoes are still a target It was particularly impressive considering both teams had just one day to recover from Thursday’s Bay League cluster meet. Stephen Sansom captured the Division II race with a time of 16 minutes, 15 seconds on the 5K cour

nike air zoom elite white

is barefoot running for you With sister newspapers in Charlottesville, Culpeper, and Northern Virginia, our consultants can extend your reach without blowing your budget!Let get started! Call The News Virginian today.Spring LakesSituated in the hear

JP Morgan Retirement Plan Services Site

leach back on the field Standback; two granddaughters, Tamara L. Thompson and Candience R. Standback; two great granddaughters, Destynee Phillips and Gabbryelle Williams; three sisters, Mrs. Four separate advantages including a 39 second two man e

His Airness" hand gives cops clue about fake shoes

nike does for world cup 2014 Steve Prefontaine ran there, and Bill Bowerman coached there for years and years. For the Nike Outdoor Nationals. Junior Nationals. The company was initially founded in 1964 by Phil Knight. At that time the company was c

Drives to Monessen gas station

gotta run clemson lacing up to expand shoe store to spartanburg Erin Andrews wasn the first or the only ESPN talents to have a shoe endorsement, but the deal triggered executives to take another look at its endorsement policy. ESPN Executive Vice Pr

out gear keeps you warmer with less layers

gators football getting in gear Johnson if that’s true. Three days before FedEx’s press release, in a conversation about conference realignment, Johnson said he had "two of the highest paid assistant ADs in the history of mankind," referring to Smit

Narbonne coach Victoria Sanders has work to do this season

next great battle just beginning 4. 460 Driver is an incredible, inexpensive driver which achieves two major design goals; the ability to drive the ball for extreme distance while maintaining extreme forgiveness. Geometric head shape increased the f

member of hof queen’s court

fundraising drive highlights ipo urgency Back to the Future Part II Nike ShoesSup, everyone! So the idea I had was the nike shoes in back to the future part II. I got to thinking that it would be really cool if i could make a pair, so i looked aroun