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A tip from a friend some lies were said.  An email from another who cares said a bended story was told which prompted me to post this and be online for a few hours.  Wrinkles should be ironed neat.  The true version will

Boy Crazyyyy

Okay, so literally all my "relationships" in the past two years have been online or over the text message. Well I'm in college now so I've got lots of options right? WRONG! The ratio of males to females is 4 to 1. I have a crush on two people. One is th

Dear Diary 186

Well it's been a hella long time since i posted anything on here. First things, i'm now in a relationship with my best friend :) I love being with him <3 he's amazing :) Second thing, i did get my tattoo and i'm going to get another o

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Man apprehended after jumping white house fence

WASHINGTON (AP) — An unidentified man was in the custody Wednesday night after he climbed over the White House fence and was swiftly apprehended on the North Lawn by uniformed Secret Service agents and their do


Tonight was amazing as usual. I love everything about my boyfriend  Anytime spent with him is time well spent. I love his smile, his hair, the way he smells, his laugh, etc. His eyes just ugh I could swim in them all day they are so perfect. I love mak

Once step further.....

In the aftermath of todays shooting i question the wisdom or lack of it of the media for naming the person who took down the shooter. Not only did they put his life in danger but that of hi

First Blog

woah I finally got a blog... We talked about this in one of my classes today and I thought why didn't I have one?? I have a funny life and funny stories so might as well share it. Today I spent an hour driving around trying to find my moms car to get my

Cyber Politics

it seems pertinent to keep a few things in mind before hopping on any bandwagons;   people will advocate for anything they have a personal/vested interest in, so take absolutely everything with a grain of salt (and remember that my

Time Machine

It sucks when the one guy you want, and you know is right for you, is the one guy you can't have, because you missed your chance and fucked up. And the only thing I want is to go back to that one day and change the one wrong decision but the truth of th

Rough Day for Canadians

What would possess someone to shoot an unarmed Honour Guard standing watch over the War Memorial Grave of the Unknown Solider?  This is a ceremonial position so of course he was unarmed....Then proceed into the Main Hall of Parliment and open fire.

Fix It

You say, "Fix it" I agree. What you don't know is that I have been trying to fix it. But some things need a greater power to fix. That's why I have God. Fixing it, is sometimes my only prayer.  As I sometimes approach Him, e

Alternate Blog sites

mine is the link in my profile, and I use the same avatar, and am on staff over there in case any of you are having technical difficulties and would like a familiar face to communicate with. aside from that, most of yall know where to contact me otherwi