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I'm ove a SU along with others.

Like any other place, it'll take some time to get used to. but untill the sort this place out, I'll be over there. this place is buggy out of controll atm

传中国电信将推自有品牌手机 主要针对年轻用户

  据透露,首批可能是两款手机,已在贮备中,真正投入研发和出产是在今年下半年,由2个研发团队数十人,经由上百天的加班加点。中国电信过去打造过类似白叟手机、儿童健康手机、安全手机等概念,均获得成功。     目前市场上有良多针对自拍用户的产品,这款手机则将这些长处更加优化,集中于一身,并以高机能低价格表达“新鲜”品牌的立场。有内部人士透露,中国电信一直就在打造定制机,新的自主品牌手机实在也是定制机,只不外挂中国电信的品牌。

Early mornings..

Each morning without fail, my kids manage to be up before the birds, while the moon still hangs high in the sky. Eurgh.... im exhausted....late lay ins, turning off the alarm for that extra five minutes, seems like a life time ago. I long for th

Taken for Granted

I think I'm finally starting to come to my senses. It's like the fog of insanity is finally rolling away. When I think about how easily I could've thrown away my marriage and lost everything I hold dear by one stupid mistake, I'm terrified. I realize no

Meeting With The Devil

So I met with Jocelynn's father today and I told him how I hate him and some of the choices he made concerning me and our daughter. Then we talked about how he wanted to be wit

Astonishingly Clear 4D Ultrasound

They've been gone all day but now that they're home it's clear that one thing they did was take my oldest to the doctor's. Anytime I've ever seen an ultrasound it was usually

life as usual

i've done a relatively good job of staying off the internet and sticking to the world IRL so far. until now-ish.    Austin will be 5 months on Sunday. Time flies. He's still the little love of my life. His personality develops

My dating history.

When my parents got their divorce, I would've done anything to be in a relationship. I think part of me was trying to fill a void, and I guess another part of me wanted someone to care and listen.  It was wrong of me to do that: to be in a

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween!!!! What is everyone being? Tell me in comments. I love this holiday! BOOOOOOO!!  I am Scrary. Very Scary. Very Very Scary. BOOO! AHHHHHHH!


I found myself in a fiery whirl wind of distress and panic. I was a man late for work. I could have been sailing gracefully to work, riding in the cool comfortable waves of a boat crafted by the hands of a responsible adult, but I had delayed my impulse

A (WOMAN) is a (GIFT) from (GOD) to man.

The Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and God took one of his ribs, and He built a woman just for man and presented him with the ultimate gift from God. Then Adam declared that this gift was bone of his bones, and flesh of his flesh; that she s