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So that's how you speak to me...

You're a fucking ignorant twat.    You couldn't even muster up the sense or patience to ask me what I was on about.. all you could do like the little emotional bitch that you are... is insult my mother. You arrogant halfwit fuc


I am...........................struggling with this one.  I don't even know how to start this post.  I was a teen.  A female teen.  But, I don't see this as rape.  I see this a young girl saying yes, but not wanting to.  I

link image preview Ex-prep school senior acquitted of felony rape

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A graduate of an exclusive New England prep school was cleared of felony rape but convicted of misdemeanor sex offen...

Carly Fiorina indorsement

I'm going with Carly Fiorina for President in 2016; she's smart, been in big business, knows politics and politicians (and doesn't like them) and can deal with the ridiculous excuse we have for a "media".

I had forgotten.

Dear Rose,   Has my heart gotten cold? Have I lost the feeling of excitement? Or have I grown to be less hopeful?  Is this what they mean by being strong? Reality? Is this it? Maybe this is the way I should be. To not expect an


This is our first post. More to come...

Gloomy Friday

Thoughts run through my mind  of estranged feelings and dreams left behind.  Walking in the rain allowing it to wash away 

New to blogging

okay so I am new to blogging, however I have always wanted to be a writing and get my feelings out in the world. My thought is some of the stuff I have delt


Human beings have a beautifully powerful mental resolve. Often, when life comes to a crossroads between resignation to defeat and perseverance mankind shows its knack for pick itself up of the dirt. Even the direst, most taxing situati