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Art: An Emotional Outlet

Everyone struggles in life and a good way to keep moving forward when faced with adversity is to find a way to express feelings in a positive way. Art is how this is done. All of the greatest artists have made  their work by pouring in emotion from

Journal entry two

I typically use primary source research when I am writing my papers so that the first enterpretation of the source is in my words making me the secondary source and giving me the least variety in formation found in

Street Art Beauty

When people talk about art, they think of paintings hung on the walls in a museum. When I think about art, I think about any form in which a person has physically manifested their inner thoughts and feelings. That includes what most people call "graffit

link image preview Street Art by JPS

"Life is full of beautiful surprises. One year ago I received an email from a small town in Molise asking if I would be interested in com...

journal entry 3

I am going to research the topic of Institutionalized racism in America and why it is so inadvertently overlooked. I am unofficially  a Supply Chain Management major. This is basically the study of logistics and sustainability in the business envir

Human Creation

Man is a maker of things, a creator of objects that tell stories about ancestors, the origins of the world, battles, aspirations, and survival. When we value these creations, we call them art. Humans have created art since the beginning. For millennia,

The One

Hey x  okay so we all have or will find that one person at some point im our life and sometimes the journey towards that one person isnt easy and sometimes it means you have to get hurt and destroyed before you find them.  

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days when you don't exactly know what to do, or how you feel.  Today I feel like nothing matters, like nothing is going well.  I have a headache and I feel like doing nothing.

can we not?

if you asked me who i wanted to be more like whenim old, my mother or my father, i would say my mammaw.. my parents are.whats the word.. hell i dont know. i love them to death but sometimes they can be so childish. you dont youch any of my fathers thing


So recently Ive figured out that I have been cramming D sized boobs into C sized bras. This has been happening for years. I generally wear sports bras that you have to stuff yourself into like  sausage casing, so the twins are not bouncing around a

Who knows?

Who here knows the challenges of dealing with an autistic child?  My grandson, who is now 9, was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at the age of 2.  I took it upon myself to do everything in my power to make sure there  was nothing


"When someone is relating an important event that happened to them, don't try to top them with a story of your own.  Let them have the stage".    This quote came from "Life's Little Instruction Book"  # 133.  Let me


There is a lot of things going on right now. My friend who knew about my LP told people at a party, I hate him now. I told him in trust and he completely went against it like the self-centered gossip-whore he is. But in the process, my childhood