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About me

Hello to you, the person taking the time to read this.  I am a 29 year old female who works in the mental health industry, I have been struggling personally lately and I've also been doing it silently, something I always tell my clients to

A new blog

It's been a week since my usual blog has been able to load so I've now wasted a good 30 minutes of my life setting this one up.  I originally started a blog when my support nurse suggested it as a way for me to get my feelings 'out there'.

Everything is one

Between marketing sell out yuppie and Spock fan girl geek university courses I fell in with some hipsters who, as they do water at the Brunswick social club, live music, trendy ar

Lucaci Florentin

FLORENTIN LUCACI is a Romanian Master of Science Designing Engineer being in present Designing Senior / Lead / PM Instru

Othello By William Shakespeare

I loved it. The plot devices were brilliant. Iago was such a brilliant character and one of the best of Shakespeare's characters. I also really loved Emilia as a character and I thought the wrting for her was super great, I love honest and blunt charact


You are my Rose, my beauty, my every delight.  You occupy my mind both day and night

My Love

Tomorrow's sun will rise, feel my hope and dry you eyes. For now, put a smile on your face, for your beauty holds such grace! Say that that you'll stay with me, and set my racing heart free. Say you'll let m

Hummmm... Really..!!

Hummmm is the reaction I get when I speak my mind. The reason for "hummm"  is I get different folks telling me they hate liars.  Hummmm.... Until I enlighten them on the "truth about lying" yeah yeah I know what your thinking lol.. " t