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~~You Are~~ (for johnny bear)

You are the word I want to write You are the song I want to sing You are the art I want to paint The only thing that brings clarity to my masterpiece   You are the air I want to breathe You are the bl

Therapists, anyone?

Not in a good part of my life and really need to get some things worked out. But I really don't want to go to a clinic and pay for someone. I just need an unbiased helper in my life to help me understand some things in my life and about me. Inner demons

Love and Heart Break

I am currently in a relationship with my bestfriend. We started dating two years ago. Somewhere along those lines, we found ourselves slipping away. We decided it would be best to take a break for a while, and damn, that was the worst pain my heart has


spam in chinese??? huh?? dont know, never got to see it. prolly couldnt read it anyway.  Louie, you went to school for it and I am trying to do it without the education to back it,and I went to school for law enforcement......go fig

This is on my Mind 11/22/14

Learning to let things go. In life we hold on to a memory -mostly bad memories. Most of my blogs are about people shutting you down, people walking out on you, people who are shallow and other things on my mind are about how some things in life we

Celana jins perancang High End untuk wanita dan Women

Dari kucing tumit untuk tumit stiletto mereka melakukan keajaiban untuk bentuk kaki wanita. Hindari malu dalam pilihan sepatu yang Anda miliki di luar di tempat umum. Ada pompa untuk sampai dengan semua orang, itu hanya sebuah query menemukan gaya yang

I've never been so blue

I have worked so hard to get where I am..well where I was. Finally had good enough income.. I had a good job that I was able to do with physical disabilities. Christmas is coming and I thought I could finally enjoy a holiday. Last week my car took its f

Why Does she do that?

I have a very dear friend who I have known a lot of my life, there was a few years when we didn't talk but we have pretty much have been friends since we were four. Si


I judge myself too harshly, I think. And this is both a blessing and a curse. Like anything really, right? I wonder when I will learn something that which can take me out of my shell. When will I learn the basic thing that could change my life or make i

What it's like to be a single mother every single day

No one knows how much time single moms spend cursing ourselves in the back of our heads. And many of us might deny it but I think we all feel the same way...   We all wonder what it would be like to not have our child (or children),

minimum wage maximum smoke

     both Oregon and Washington created more jobs than expected in October.. but our unemployment rate ticked up slightly. because.. a good number of people who

Ju-Ju Bean

Ju-Ju  Bean!    She is my inspiration!!!!  Thatssssssssssssssssssssssss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Gotta love her posts!  ~paraphanilia~

Introduction: it is what it is...

Ive learned in life, that you cant erase the past. Or change who you are... As much as i wish i didnt have to admit ive done these things, that ive stooped that low, that ive danced with the devil, and that i could re-write my history or even create a n

Fresh start

Hey guys!  I'm starting fresh here on thoughts.  You can look at my former blogs through the user 'neongirl14'  with no 's.  This is mostly because I forgot my password.  O_O.     So....... hi!  See ya later!