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 "Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best."

you sick child

hey child...

why you so sick..

do you know that im sick too

do you know that i got cold..asthma...cold stress asthma...and sometimes headache?


oohh child..

why all the people loving you so hard

Not interesting

I have come to the realisation that I am a fat C#%T. In the last year and a half, I have put on a whopping big 30kgs. I am officially a porker.  I never really noticed, I was oblivious. Until yesterday when I seen my collosil reflection in

Bonding & Attachment

Hoping you do not mind the repost of this very interesting and informative post.  My adult children lacked one of their parents in their formative years.  They were surrounded by a loving and caring family support system. As true as this

Scary Stories (more then 1)

So I live in a small town and yes its certified a Village but whatever thats a diffrent topic well im here today to tell you about some things that you may find very enteresting about my life here in one of the most haunted towns in ohio. Story


I know this will just upset him and make him even more ticked off at me, but right now I don't care. Right now I found some little ounce of

HIStory not HERstory

So today I was on tumblr and found this post about a guy trying to get all these people to sign this thing called HIStory not HERstory. Basically it's about trying to end women week for schools education, because apparently it discriminates the accompli

Anxieties and Insecurities

So ever since I can remember, I have suffered from social anxiety. Which is ironic as my parents tell me as a baby and toddler I loved strangers, go figure. I'm not sure what changed but I'm now soon to be 20 and suffer gut wrenching fear at simply talk


So I met this totally amazing guy a few weeks ago. My friend set us up and we really hit it off. I literally have spent every waking moment thinking about him. I don't know what exactly it is though. Like with him things just feel real. I

Adorno – Minima Moralia (56)

Ob einer glücklich ist, kann er am Winde anhören. Dieser mahnt den Unglücklichen an die Zerbrechlichkeit seines Hauses und jagt ihn aus leichtem Schlaf und heftigem Traum. Dem Glücklichen singt er das Lied seines Geborgenseins: sein


I decided it was time to make a blog that people can actually see. I may go on rants about stupid stuff so if i do, and you dont like that kind of stuff then please do not follow/subscribe to me. This is for me to vent my feelings about various subjects

How I Wear My Tiffany Jewellery

Decorate to match wedding colors that coming have customers fashion jewelries especially cheap fashion earrings. York is host to many different festivals and are whip side, dresses most do become the local craft store. His paintings are decorated with a

Events Management Services In Dubai

Agency models be familiar with how to support that of how you would like the wedding to look. There are plenty of other online colors to Audrey the hottest deals and discounts in our portal. The shoe making activity begins from event, team, and wou


  I live my life to My mom's expectations.  I live my life playing it safe. I live my life being a people pleaser. I live my life basically every way other than to please myself.  Don't get me wrong,  l

CSAT Issue- Completely missing the point.

As we know there is a compulsory English paper in mains since past many years now.  And that has never been objected. Each bureaucrat today in service, has written that compulsory English paper- Many of them from n


Soon I am going in to middle school,6 grade. Oh,no I am so scared I mite not make friends. I hate myself for being scared.:-(  What iam going to do. I don't just want to be a face in the crowd 

Thoughts Spinning Around

Around and Around my head goes to a point of no return. Thoughts surround me never ending dark and light, good and bad how do I deal with this storm going on inside my head? Understanding these thoughts scares me. I'm starting to feel the darkness c