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We Demand...

To be happy. To be equal. To be loved. To share with each other. To become united. We wan

Part 5 of a heartbreaking story

Well after the last relationship i decided to move to Myrtle Beach to get myself together and learn to love myself and my children. So as i was living with a relative i was going to church and working towards getting my life back. Everything was going g


"Just leave me alone."  Ok, I'm sorry for whatever i did. I'll leave you alone. "I don't care."   I'm sorry that i needed someone to talk to and thought you cared. I'll just leave you alone. "Why don't you just leave."   F


I'm not here to preach or to change people's mind. But women we need a voice and now! Not just about these stinky old men but the equality a woman has like a man. They say women were made out of a man's rib, not his ass bone. And yet, they can't seem to

About Me

I have never blogged before, and I am not even sure what to put, but I thought I could use this as a diary or journal of sorts. I figured I might actually keep one if it's online. I have had many p

Sick and Tired

Well, I  tried all day to stay positive, keeping a good attitude and focusing on what I need to do to remain focused on what's important, but no matter what I do, he finds a way to pick at it. Despite communicating ahead of time, he will still bitc

This is the song that never ends...

I can't seem to stop studying, but I know I need to make time for self-care. What's wrong with me? I'm going to drive myself into the ground before test day!

Need to write

I need to write so I'm writing. My try at poetry. Haven't done this in a long time. :)   R


I remember this morning when I had six subscribers, and this afternoon when I had twleve, and as of right now I have 25! What?! thankyou guyz so much

Starting to See It Again

Parts of me that went away for a while came back this week.  Certain things that I read in the Bible came pouring out of me while I was talking to my neighbor one night.  That side of me has gone away again, but I think I faced why I am feelin


Hey guys! It's me Roxy, right now I'm gonna explain to you why we keep themeing everything with YOLO! As a group of friends at school we decided that yolo (you only live