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Poor Puppy.

Poor Harley, we had to put the medicine in his ears and they're all raw and tender. I know he's gotta have it but he does'nt realize that and he just thinks we are hurting him. It gets to me sometimes.

wide awake. not able to sleep

I want to eat everything in sight right now.My head is pounding and I just can not sleep.I got Josh on my mind.I want Josh on my mind all of the time to keep me calm and relax.I may send him a picture of me tonight in pj

The Struggle

What if everyone gave up? Is there such a thing? Christ the Lord of All Peoples and All Things said of Himself once: "Blessed is he who finds no stumbling block in Me." This passage of Scripture may be found in the Gospels. God allows o


Josh did make up stuff about me because He think I said I  was sleeping with someone I did not sleep with no one at marbridge.Julie T told him I am sleeping with people when I did not.Josh and I talked on the phone


Anxiety. It's a metal condition. There is generally scales of it, ranging from minor to extreme. I have not just met people with anxiety I've known people with it. I've als

Theres always a first for something

Ive always been told that I'm just a teenager and I have no opinion, but I believe that everyone has an opinion weather your 2 or 99, age just doesnt matter when stating an opinion. We were always taught to believe in something in life. Everyone keeps t

Love letters

Today was not so bad. I listened to a lot of music that reminded me of you and helped ease the pain a little. What I find strange is that there are times I get busy at work and you leave my mind, just for a second, then I remember and I'm angry at mysel

Will NXT be better than Raw and Smackdown in 2015?

Right now NXT is at it's absolute best. Adrian Nevell, Tyler Breeze, Tyson Kidd, and of course Sami Zayn, are some of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE period. NXT is awesome to watch because, you watch these characters develop their gimmicks, and


How drunk are you.good night sweetie. Sweet dreams. :)

Fly High

used to be very excited seeing planes and wondered when am I going to board one. Now, planes has become one of my mode of transportation and Im really happy with it. I used to fly with Malaysia Airlines because of their good service,and personally i thi