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Gonna Have to Close Up Shop

Apparently I don't have the freedom to share my feelings without some sort of backlash.  I'm done even though everyone in the psychology profession thinks it's good to share.  It's only made me worse and caused my life to be a nightmare. 

Sun and Moon...

Don't you find it interesting that both the Sun and the Moon look just about the same relative size in the sky? :)

Life With A Capital L

"Life With A Capital L" is a good title for anyone wanting more out of life for God's glory.  The book is around 230 pages and focuses on being the person God created us to be.  The first 50 pages or so describes the yearning we have for a mor


Recently I came across an article stating that Pope Francis declared that animals (all of God's creatures, in fact) go to heaven. I pounced on it and wrote several posts

Bad Wednesday

Yesterday's visitation should have gone well.  Should have.   I dropped off Will at Scott's mother's place before 5.  I was going to go to AA at that time and I'd kill an hour some place before coming back for him at 7.&nb

Stupid Old Man

I don't care if he did read what I posted online or heard I flipped out from the neighbors.  How the fuck would he feel if he was always getting attacked in whatever way people feel they can get away with it?  I don't have to chill out for his

The Daniel Fast

Has anyone ever done the Daniel Fast? I'm thinking about trying it out. I'd like to know any useful information about it and how it made you feel if you have done it. It seems a little difficult but completely worth it! 

No One's Perfect

It's an over-used phrase that seems to indicate that since we are all imperfect that we can do anything we please. "I'm not perfect" seems to be the catch all saying to dismiss and avoid culpability for anything and everything.   Br


I weigh 163.4 as of this morning.My  goal is to lose 23 pounds before january 12. I hope to cold turkey cokes by jan 12. I feel good about being single and not dating Josh.I like Danny alot.I don't know how to act a


Today I got a cupcake smashed onto my face, they where recording it to. It COULD have been worse.

What I will write about

  On my page you'll come to see i'll write about what I hate, like, I'll write stories and poems, My thoughts (duh), questions I have for you to answer and i'll answer question other people have, and least but not last I'll write about my l

Finding the Right Person

Everyone is always searching for love. I don't understand it. I guess I could be considered lucky because I generally have someone that wants me but here lately, I've discovered exactly what I want in a significant other. Maybe I'm being too picky, but

Jesus Come Lately

Osiris was also the god of the vine and a great traveling teacher who civilized the world. He was the ruler and judge of the dead. In his passion, Osiris was plotted against and ki

First Blog

Hi! I'm Girl Online! I've decided to create this blog for many reasons... 1. There are so many blogs and websites out ther