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She's a  Goddess She wears the ocean  as a dress and the earth

Say Even More

Here's more to tell....since you're intent on telling my shit, though Ive blogged most of whst goes on, here's suggestions   Tell these people about your obsession with dicks and dick sizes...   "How big was he, Intocable - Eres Mi Droga (Live)

Music video by Intocable performing Eres Mi Droga. (C) 2015 Intocable, LLC. Exclusively Licensed To Universal Music Latin Entertainment, ...

Say What You Want

Thats not the way it started with the your Filipino chick, and you know it, but yes the result is the same.  And yes even now I believe what you originally insinuated.     We've known each other online for almost 7 years, Clay Walker - She Won't Be Lonely Long (Official Music Video)

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401K Rollover


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Say what you want

Well if your bringing all that up.  Then we I guess we shoukd go to the beginning of haydeeandgabriel and you. I think I liked one of Hardee's blogs or songs she in return liked one of mine. I commented on her blog I think once. gnash - i hate u, i love u (ft. olivia o'brien)


Hello again Thoughts community

 This is my first time logging back in after 3 years, I believe. It's definitely nice to see a lot of the same users here. I mean, I know I essentially left this blog site for a long time because I felt perhaps..emb

W.I.P. Poem

There'll be no one to hold me if I leave, But I can't hand


I woke up this morning and my knee didn't hurt.  That's the usual - it doesn't hurt until I move it!!  Then I moved it and it still didn't hurt.  I did my exercises and felt only a tiny little spasm.  I fixed my breakfast, made my be

one hour in the past

how is it possible to feel everything around you ,and yet  feel out of time. knowing if this is possible to feel and be that complex, wow ,and we havent fixed the world ... yet.... duh...


I am so alone   You wouldn't think so from afar- I have ple

The Meaning of Life

I was high when I first heard the question. Nymeria had come back with a new package of weed earlier in the day, and while she was striking a deal


We are alive   Not because of the rise and fall of our chests  

Reproductive Responsibility

This will be short & sweet. Yesterday NPR quoted statistics that show the abortion rate is lower than it's been since Roe V Wade, that doesn't mean Texas has simply outlawed it, it means that women are engaging in more reproductive responsib

Something new

Hey fashioners for now on I will be blogging every other day beacuse of school and life you know. So now dont except a blog every day beacuse now its every other day. Thats it for today have a good day bye

Trump goes to the CIA today

..and essentially tells them that they work for him (the new Commader-In-Chief) now and not for the globalists and/or the old Muslim-In-Chief...  

Returning a Gift

"Yes, hello. I received this gift some years ago and would like to return it."   "How many years ago are we talking here?"   "About thirty."   "And you're just now deciding you don't want it