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First Post

This is my first post on this blog. I've created it as a way to document my transition from college to adulthood and the lessons I've learned along the way. I'm really excited to keep track of my growth and how I change over the next couple of months.

Good Idea or way to big dream/Chapter 2

More than anything I want to be a teacher. Could I do what Tom said and teach my school. I'm only 14yrs old I couldn't teach a school or could I idk. I need to take my exit exams before I get to be a teacher anyways   from the diary

#16. Ode to my Love

O love of mine, you're simply too hard to define. Maybe thats why I always miss the rhyme. You're my guardian angel, my protector. But I still can't figure out in which sector. My beating heart calls out your name.


Welcome to MeQuak!! I don't know exactly what me blog is about, but I hope you enjoy it!! I know you may not enjoy my blog at all. I love writing and I always have. This will make me even happier to know that people will actually read what I write. I do

My Cat is bonkers...

...but clearly intelligent...   and trying to understand a cat, or, in the right circumstances, a duck, is a good way to momentarily pause the hallucination of existence and rest from it... I don't know about "virtual reality" techn


im surviving through this.       followmetohell

interesting but no surprise HERE ON THOUGHTS

yup, it is the internet and peeps are full o' shit like well fed babies or teens rocking baggies exposing undies so one of the top blogger's a female and not bad looking i might add especially for female bloggers

Im Back!

It's good being back and being able to share what's on my mind. I promise I'll try to write as much as I can. 

"i'm fine"

It feels like nobody knows what I'm going through and I just want somebody when I ask them to leave me alone to look my in the eyes and tell me "I know you want me to stay and i'm going to stay" that would be the highlight of my entire life for just one

Live Long and Prosper

  Yesterday, my wife---who is attuned to her Facebook page in ways I can never imagine for myself---told me that Dr. Spock had d


My best friend molly has gone missing.... Most of the time I am strong, but when people seem to be ripped from my life I am at my weakest. It has been four days since I have seen her or anyone has seen her for that matter. Her car is gone. She hadnt bee