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The Me the Rest of the World Cant See

Here I can be whatever your heart desires, what my heart desires, and everything in between. Day by day I work towards my goals while barely managing to exist beyond them. I hide behind the average mind and play. If you were to pass me on the street you

They Have Won

Eyes closed Tears streaming down All she can think is "How did I fuck up now?" &n

Catch Up

We sat on the beach, looking over the murky waves as they leap-frogged and crashed into the sand. It was just like old times, and there was nothing I ever wanted more than to have this feeling again.   "I've missed this," he said.

ok here we go

cann,t think of a title Iam so down,I go thru many moods Some are get up and go others let life go by.I know I should make  startling change yes wake up one day and go forth in the


Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog! Please feel free to post any experience you have with an eating disorder or body shaming, helpful tips for others, or any other positive information you'd like to share! 

looking at the Thinking cow

Im so happy you are here, you where lost and now your found, I wonder how your doing today, just probly been eatting grass...  are you bored? maybe so  i wonder if you really get full of grass.. hahaha i crack my self up...

So weird

Its soo weird to me, that i consider myself a friendly, courteous, professional and humble being. Yet i find so many women around me that say i am mean and i hurt their feelings.   Really blows my mind, because normally the women that say it are th

over and out

this is totally hopeless im never going to get out of here. ok if thats what happens but im never going to have the life i want for myself. ie. working with animals; FOR MONEY not for volunteerism but for money

Chocolate Eskimo Drink

Someone here posted a plea looking for Eskimo brand chocolate milk. They were lauding it's rich & creamy texture as well as lamenting that they can't find it or anything nearly as good. This is a recipe crafted for a rich & amazingly decadent ch


be yourself because your way more cool than perfect dont change for anyone and stick up for your self

An introductory

Hello, all. I can't imagine anybody will ever read this. This blog is more for my own benefit anyway. I have a hard time writing on paper (un

12.4.16, update.

I feel like this week is going to go by really well. I only have one test to take on Wednesday, and I just have to turn in on essay tomorrow and portfolio. That test I took on tuesday, I ended up passing, so thank god for that. I am pretty sure I will e

breakfast, nice driving boys, antiques

Well today was busier than yesterday. I went to breakfast with a friend/co-worker, then driving with an extremely attractive man. I will say after spendingtime with him I realize he isn't my type personality wise beyond friendship and I'm not as shaky.