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Having no opinion No relationship

The Healing Powers of Nature

Often I am in deep thought about life in general.  Sometimes it's specific events and situations that have occured, sometimes negative sometimes positive.  I've noticed that it has been more natural to focus on the negative things that happen

Tipsy on YOU (Fiction)

I was tipsy, the only way to describe the way the bubbles made my insides feel like they were popping and scurrying around in delight when you came over to pull me into a hug. You smelled like Garnier Fructis shampoo and some fruity perfume. I pulled yo

Teach Me How To Dougie Is About Diogenes Syndrome, Right?

So through the comfort of familiar company I slipped into my old demeanor like a favorite pair of jeans. It was the ease of it, the simplicity of not having to begin again when meeting somebody new, of knowing you were known if even for the slightest qu

Sooo close!

It's Thursday... after this week I only have 2 more weeks of tax season. Boy am I ready! lol. It has felt like I hardly have any time to do more than my basic needs. Keep the house chores up minimally, do my exercising (weight lifting, yoga and walking)

Is this?

Is this all there is? Falling, spinning, screaming. Fleeting time.To where will it end when doubts creep in? Distant smiles.More often than not silence is sought. Daily grind.Here,  there, back again; a mundane loop.

The Best Friend Sad Story

I was watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix, a show about two women who's husbands leave them...for each other last night when an episode came on that really got to me, and made me cry. It was an episode where the two husbands, now a couple, officially,


The past couple of weeks I have been stressed out the wazoo. A fluke medical issue caused a host of other issues.  Everything seems to be returning to normal tho.  But I've noticed that stress, especially strange medical issues


you ain't seein', my words and their meanin', no need for the fleein', cause now you see he in, just call me the ugly Karda-shian.    


3-Day Novena to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit you who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideals. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget all that is done to me. You who are in all the insti


Smile even if you find it hard to do. You will never know the person you are smiling at is at the verge of depression or suicide and it was your smile that made them rethink of doing something bad to themselves.