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SIA Organization Events

Survivors of Institutional Abuse (SIA) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empower and aid in the healing of adults who have been subject to abuse in private or government institution, residential treatment centers, detention centers or fos

Short and Sweet

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring time!! Also, Happy Easter! I'm only 28 minutes off haha. I thought I would just make a quick post. I really need to sit down and take the time to write a decent sized post. 

Easter Sunday

i first want to wish everyone that they had a happy easter!   this weekend has been relaxing for me because i didnt have my cousins staying in my house(my parents take care of them because of family issues). on saturday i had my fri


The saddest part about life is knowing your going to loose h cuz of u stupidTy and how I am and how depressed I am and how I can never make anyone smile and always put people through shit    what If I do loose him? I can I woul

People of the Dreamtime

Another cruel and shocking deed, but necessary beyond doubt; let us, however, consider what happens a little more precisely


I have tryed to o.d 3 times now and no one seems to care :/  

The first bit of 2014 in review.

Because I can never leave well enough alone, I’ve decided to do an update to my year in review on thoughts blog to see what’s changed in the 4 months of this year.

shadow time

 It's easter and instead of having a family to get to im on the computer writing. Because I havn't done it in a while. So much has gone on and i honestly hav no explination for it except hate. It's like I put in everything I had and gambled it and

why I use the term "gun fetishists"

I have been banned from one website for using this term, being told I am "flame baiting." whatever that means.  I had seen it somewhere before and it somehow resonated with me.  I don't have any problems with guns.  I don't own one myself


How is it that I've only been talking to this dude for a week or so and I already like him like that....I don't even see him in person anymore...I get attache

My Life as a Teen

So its been awhile since I have been on here and I don't know if anyone really reads this but I will try to write more. A lot of things have been running through my mind and I feel like I need to let them out. 


Goodbye... I wish you well.. I know I was just too much to handle these last months.  I became resentful, because you didn't know how to love me, or maybe you just didn't want to, because you didn't appreciate make, because you never kept your prom

Leaking more poison

Audio files or visual scenes from Jackass... That scene from Family Guy where Peter is standing in front of Tony Robbin and Tony Robbin tries to eat Peter... That scene from Family Guy where they are at the poolside and Peter sticks

thought for today ... mood ... jackpot

somedays you just hit the seam the ducks all line up the sun breaks through those cloud cracks its jackpot day baby! its the day you realize what makes you soulhappy and today right now someone's p

Depression, frustration, bad weekend.....

Sometimes I just wish I could scream and throw a fit like my daycare toddlers do. Don't get me wrong I love my family and love my job, but after this weekend I'm sooooo ready for a vacation. The daycare kids were all gone by 5 on Friday, but my toddlers

Night fall...

When I lie down, my head begins to think about everything that happened that day, my mind focuses on something bad that happened that day, then the triggers start to come up in my head about what happened yesterday, or the week before, then here comes t