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Some Can't Handle the Truth

Obviously, some can't handle the fact that I have dark thoughts.  I have studied enough psychology to know that some of these thoughts are normal and not something to be ashamed of.  It's not like I act on all of my dark thoughts, either.&nbsp

Privacy..............New Law

Good. The world has changed and our laws about privacy are trying to keep up.  This is a good one.  Accessing a digital world is the same, nowadays as reading a diary or searching a home.  Granted, I DO believe that if you put it "ou

link image preview New California law extends privacy rights to electronic data

California now requires police to get a court order before they can search messages, photos and other digital data stored on phones or co...

Kindergarteners Need To.............................Be Prepared?

What? "Prepared" for kindergarten?  Socialization, IN PERSON, communication, snack time, nap time, NOT smacking another with a toy.  Kindergarten.  Now, we're speniding millions of dollars for computer time for babies and YES, I cons

link image preview Preschool is good for children, but it's expensive. So Utah is offering it online.

The Washington Post 5 hrs ago Emma Brown Can 4-year-olds learn what they need to know for kindergarten by sitting in front of a computer ...

i think

I think that was right but then maybe I thought it was something different then again not sure what I was thinking when suddenly the thought of you came to my mind. It is of course

Post #1

    So I was at work today and I answered the phone. This gentleman on the other end starts of the conversation with "This is bullcrap!". I asked him how I could assist him. He insisted

Un-Happy Birthday

So tomorrow im turning 24. And I dont know why but im not excited about it at all, not because im getting older, its just that maybe I feel so alone... So much has happened this year, I've lost the closest people to me. First my tia, she was one

time after time.

After I think that this pain will get doesn't. I am alone in my problem and he doesn't even care. I pray that God will help me. I know he will. I'm paying for the pain I caused to other people. He is my punishment.