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I am so tired.

Whoa buddy, sorry I haven't posted recently but I have been super busy. I have started working and I absolutely love it. We are just setting up the store as of now but I love the enviorment and the enviorment I am in. My boss likes me, my night manager

Hey Wackadoodles............

Yes conservatives, I am talking to you. I am here to call you out on your stupidity. One of your moronic tea baggers put up a post regarding Burger King and our current corporate tax rate. He intimated that it is because of Obama that Burger King is mov

Ebon Talifarro’s How To Decide On An Ideal Hair Stylist

Five Techniques To Lessen Your Food Budget The chilly, brutal fact is that most independent movies never make a dime. Obtaining said this although, there are a number of that go on to make really a couple of dimes. That’s the allure of impartial fil


Thank you for visiting my little spot and sharing your thoughts with me, as I share with you. I hope you will find the thoughts, opinions, and facts here to be useful in solving or evolving whatever may have brought you here.

A simple thing.

A like minded friend once said to me that there was nothing worse that letting yourself become lost in the crowd.  Perhaps with one small message.   One acceptance into a private club.   One glimps of someth

An Ongoing Discussion About the "Homeless"

So, when alone in my car, I will give to panhandlers, a dollar, my change, whatever.  I also give to the red bucket every Christmas season and, once, I found a ten dollar bill in the aisle of Wal-Mart and when faced with a youth group upon exiting,


It is all too easy for us to look at a star and smile,

New Wazungu!

Hey. Pole sana about the lack of posting for a while. Looking back I was incredibly optimistic that life was getting easier. Long story short it’s been a hell of the last two weeks on many fronts. Thus being th

Random crap in my mind

I looked and looked, compared prices, checked everywhere and finally found a carpet cleaner that does what we need it to do....clean, and not just push crud around...  I had checked the prices of renting a Rug Doctor, but those cost about 30/day to

The Brave Little Lamb-Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Crisis    As the sheep ate grass on the Big Hill, the barn animals patiently waited for the farmer's wife to bring them breakfast. A light drizzle started, m

An American Killed

I'll admit, at first, I was pissed at this young man.  I KNOW he knew what 9/11 was and how it affected us.  Then..............crap..................the freedom we have and how we all have it, no matter our views, took precedence.  No, I

link image preview American man suspected of fighting with Islamic State is killed

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - An American man suspected of fighting with Islamic State militants operating in Iraq and Syria has been killed in...


So I've found out that once I complete community college I need to pick a subject major. My issue is, I have no clue which subject to major in. Right now in the community college standing I am considered an Education major, in the Liberal Arts program.