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Home Buying Knowledge That Proves To Be Priceless

null Do you really know all you need to know about purchasing real estate? There are many little details even very experienced buyers are required to know, and they continue educating themselves about new developments. The following article will gi

Why Hamas What's The Blockade Lifted Before Agreeing To Cease-fire?

The issue of Hamas not agreeing to a cease-fire has been on the minds of a lot of people.

Which of course making them look bad in the eyes of everyone following along whats going on there.

So I decided to enlighten everyone as to the rea

link image preview Gaza becoming uninhabitable as blockade tightens, says UN

Gaza is becoming uninhabitable as humanitarian conditions deteriorate rapidly following Egypt's destruction of smuggling tunnels and Isra...

It's Time...

... To begin getting my shit together. I think I should make a list of the really stand out things in my mind that need to change. You know, so I have a sort of checklist. Okay here goes...

Another Holocaust?.................

The U.N. condemned the carnage being reined down on Gaza by the Israelis. The indiscriminate bombings, and the slaughter of hundreds of innocent women and children is uncalled for. Is this a holocaust against the poor people of Palestine? These people w

New to Netflix What should I watch?

  Last weekend my family and I decided to get Netflix. After we set it up I was blown away by all of the many tv shows and movies to watch, but I have a problem....... What should I watch???   The first show I watched was Grey's Anatom


White guys are cute, but lack personality and those cute little white butts smell like dead booty.

Feminism-is it dead? CBS today show makes the case

What took so long?   A few women admit that feminism and all it's demands for speical treatment, gov't jobs they are totally unqualifed for and where they are destroying our country and society is a mistake.   But, of course the libe

Riley is the worst boyfriend for Buffy.

Buffy has had a number of romances in her life (through out the seven seasons) and two of those romances were with vampires. But there was one romance that was supposed to be the normal relati

Life in 3 pics

In most cases, I've seen this happening. A woman gets out of a marriage way better than she got in. With my uncle, he married three. I met two of them. Both got out pretty good, one got a greencard on top of all the other stuff.  

Day 1

Okay, I needed a spot. Just somewhere I can put my thoughts. I know that a paper and pencil journal could probably be better but w

Feminism-some women say they are against it.

Gee, can there be a few good women with a real brain and integrity still alive in the world?  One of the major liberal, feminst it's all about me news networks presented a anti feminst view by women, but of course the network and the female socalle

Ethanol Is Envirofascist Evil

Ethanol combustion produces less CO2 emissions than fossil fuel combustion. Liberal envirofascists' monomaniacal focus on that fact does not allow them to factor in the many downsi