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The Little Things

Yesterday started off horrible, i had to take off work to go to WIC to get Lillies formula which consumed half my day and then I couldn't even get to work at all. Overall, i was wding, sick, laying in bed begging Shane to let me sleep an hour but he kep

That Little Light of Yours

It's amazing where your intuition will lead you.  Yesterday I had the desire to listen to the song "This Little Light of Mine" on the way to work and I had the pleasure of finding the most beautiful version with a touching and inspiring introductor

William Shatner

When responding to recent criticism for not showing up at his lifelong friends funeral,Leonard Nimoy William Shatner said,"Well after-all,he is just laying there staring up at the ceiling.So...for all practical purposes


I'm again hoping that he would be the one, hoping that this time, this is what is meant for me, that this time, we will be for life. Let it be God!

The Beginning

For awhile now i've been wanting to find a site where i can post my thoughts/feelings. This is mainly me expressing my thoughts on some topics and how i'm feeling,Without anyone i know in person knowing. This feels crazy and i am anxious

Ice is not Nice

The dude is here inspecting the furnace and a bunch of other stuff.  I have no idea how hemanaged to get here through all the ice.  The streets are just covered - they actually shine.  I'm really glad we went to the grocery store a couple


    it is what it is we have MPD ish is she a he or is she a he posing as opposite gender in a world of pretenders aren't we all actors anyway? whether in the real world o

Weighted Blanket

It was suggested that my son with SPD get a weighted blanket to help with his meltdowns and to help him stay asleep at night. He has never slept through the night, and he is now 4. He used to stay up until 10-11pm every night until we started giving him

Concerned are you?

Why is it that: You "promote" somebody, but only add the key duties of the position "promoted" too, to the existing key duties... Company policies only apply when it suits you... Any minute away from work is scrutinized yet the H

Unstable Thoughts

Everyday i wake up i think of doing this ,that and what not, the thoughts strike my mind incessantly as if they are the only things to be achieved . Well to an extent its true because thoughts are like