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A Coincidence. . ? Hardly.

  You know back when I first came here I wanted to share something. Couldn't think of what or how to go about it. This vid and a few others had a shocking and uncanny resemblance

Advice needed?!

I have a teenager who is going through a extremely difficult situation and I need advice!!


A hungry conflagration consuming all Fueled by rage unheedful of heart's call Sears the soul then scorches the mind A violent tempest all reason does unbind The flames without are birthed within A tortured soul all t

A Brave Little Craft

I'm riding a boat in a wild torrent A tiny little boat, a valiant craft It's inundated with waves From it's very fore to it's aft Totally adrift, at the sea's mercy No oars or rudder with which to steer No way t


What is it with doctors and pills?  I'm already taking 4 pills each day, prescribed by my doctor.  Now she wants me to take another, for cholesterol.  She says my blood test says my cholesterol is fine, normal, yet she wants me to start t

Ducey defends decision on rideshare businesses

Gov. Doug Ducey is defending his decision to tell state officials to stop enforcing a law that requires those who offer rides for money to meet the standards required for taxi drivers. "I said I want to get our economy moving in the right direct