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I'm back bitches!! :)

Haha just kidding, you guys aren't bitches, to be honest some of you guys mean alot to me. I'm sorry I haven't been posting or talking, it's been kinda crazy and busy.  How was all of your guys thanksgiving? To be honest mine was rough, it'

Thyroid Edge

Not sure how many of you remember my struggles with thyroid problems but I found something that has really helped. It's called Thyroid Edge. It's an all natural supplement that 'supports thyroid function. I've been using it for a while and I am really i


why we fear failure ? why do people give up ? why some people are rich , happy and successful while others are sad , alone and broke ? which is the wealthiest place in th SHUT UP & FACE YOUR FEARS

You all have fear of failure , you are afraid to live and you are afraid of dying such a beautiful way to exist right , it's time to move...

The Non Traditional Thanksgiving

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I had no family, no turkey, no pumpkin anything nor did I watch a parade or a football game. Before ya feel sad you should know that 1) traditional thanksg


OK!!!!! Let's go REDSKINS lets go!!!    HTTR

hülsenfrüchte Senken Hba1c bei Typ

Lange wurde nach diesem Molekül gesucht: Ein Protein verhindert den Einbau des viralen Erbguts in chip DNA von bestimmten Immunzellen. This is why it is always most advised to consult your doctor when using whey protein such as the shake form

so, this is an old photo.

The photo was taken in August, still hurting from my break up and wearing someone else's shirt. It was a shirt from the guy I was seeing at the time. Also my hair was longer. What has changed? I really just wanted an excuse to post a picture...

Only in Canada, eh? Pity?

So JT, our new PM, has promised us some good old time Canadian humanitarianism by bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of the year, and f

Ryan Davis

I'm a Knicks and Yankees fan from the bronx

Feeling broken inside.

I'm one of those people who doesn't show on the outside, what's going on inside. I put on a brave face, go about my life as if nothing is wrong. But really, I am sad, afraid, unsure of myself and feel worthless all the time.  It's l


Men and their games. A good chase and they are hooked. Well, until the chase is no longer fun. And they have you..   Liquid happiness warmed me inside out. I was looking for a victim and the brooding babe hanging by the back fit the