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I though,  just maybe,  things would change in time.  That the only man I ever loved would be free. I was his shameful secret,  a one night stand with such passion and love I hav ever felt in my entire life. Him whispering sweet prom

Democrats Sounded Like God-lving, Patriotic Republicans

I like the way the liberal alphabet soup media, (the drive bys) where saying in a way they thought they were at a Republican convention. LOL!


I've always said that liberals/Democrats feel uncom

link image preview Drive-Bys Celebrate: Democrats Sounded Like God-Loving, Patriotic Republicans! - The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH: Here you have a bunch of left-wing Drive-By Media people acknowledging that you don't get patriotism at a Democrat convention, usua...

#212 M83......Junk

Released 2016   I had to open my mind on this one. I am more of a listener of guitar based music. This is more of a synth sound. Let me just say this album is not junk as the title implies. I have hea

Friday Night Heat!

I don't know about y'all but I'm over the summer. Bring on the pumpkins and crunchy leaves please! I'm in need of October. Sweating is no longer something I want to do. I do realize that summer is just going to be hotter and more miserable as they years


I love him..Do you ever get that painful feeling in your stomach that you made a big mistake. Hes now 6 hours away from me and i love him and yeah were doing long distance but it gets hard. Hes my rock, my best friend, my everything and i hate not being

Not Happy

I am not happy at all. Here is mine and my friends conversation.    Me: "If my mom lets me I might be staying at my aunties and uncles place by myself for a whole month while they are gone out of town"  Friend: "Fo

Cleaning Up

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've done stupid things when I've been drunk (haven't we all?)...and well... I have one to clean up at the moment.   My current insomnia is not only through pains in my legs and words in

Killing a Crush

I'm waiting for a sleeping tablet to kick in, because without it I won't sleep tonight (or this morning, depending on how you view 3am). Physically, my legs and hands hurt like hell; mentally, there's a big swirl of words that won't calm their volu

#211 Bad Company.....Desolation Angels

Released 1979       Back in 1979 I went to the record store many times, and picked this album up, carried it around, and then put it back in favor of something else. It was a popular album, and I liked the songs from it th