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Just Relax

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Close your eyes. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Relax. You'll make it kid, trust me.

ohh my carhartts...

It's been too long, will you forgive me? I guess I will find out tomorrow. If you fail me the beer shall not.


There is no freedom except that within one's own soul


"Set me free to find my calling and Ill return to you somehow."

One Number

How many women, each and every morning, base their entire mood for the day on one number?  One number, visible on the bathroom scale.  Why is it these women torture their mind every day when the logical thing to do would be, throw out


Im a boring old fart nowadays. I remember when I joined this site back in 07 at the youthful age of 18, Id typically be out for a night full of debauchery before sleeping soundly until my buzz wore off. Now? pfft. Im writing this blog.

Social Security?

Of course Social Security will be there when we need it.The Government will run out of money for welfare and food stamps long before Social Security does.


i let him down we jst dont tlk he deserves an explanation but he doesnt but i want to give millions of explenations but i have none quick make up a lie i have non ill just avoid him


please honey no dont do this to me its melodramatic and its because of my teen angst that i want to wrap my legs around your hips and swivle away into a different world i want to pry your eyes open until t