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Stop, Listen, and Don't Look

Recently I watched and listened as a popular TV personality decided, in tyical authoritarian style, that certain phrases are so trite that they are to never again be uttered in his


Ok..... Marriage is the most complicated thing you dont just do things alone you have to work together. There will be days were you hate eachother and other days you love eachother sometimes in marriage you get so stressed you take it out on eac

Our Fights?

                 I think it was yesterday, I told him that it was time to clean the bathroom. We have to start cleaning, because at the end of the month we'll be moving in o

To "B"

  I share with you my thoughts, my pains, my happy moments I share my love, my heart, my deepest emotions. I share my anxieties, my tears and passions. Yet the dark cloud lingers above me, I am haunted by the

My first blog

Well i have been curious about starting a blog, I am constantly thinking of life. Im surrounded by them every day. What better way then to start here. Im not sure if people will even read this bu

Kaustubh Dere

मुझे दुआएं दिल से मिली हैं,  कभी खरीदने को जेब में हाथ नहीं डाला.


Shes that girl that sits in the back , where no one notices the person she is , she wants to fit in to this life that people made, if your not famous your nothing if your clothes arent name brand your an outcast , she just feels like shes fallin


Hello everyone I know you probably havnt seen me blog befor because this is my first time with a blog so if I post something stupid please tell me I want to learn from my mistakes  -unicorn123

Feeling down

I am just tired of everything. Seems like my entire life has been a constant battle one way or another. Always working, never having any

Is that it?

So recently I had sex for the first time with my (ex)boyfriend. Then we did it like 2 or 3 times in a row like every night. So I had found out he was with 3 other girls and we broke up.


Growing up in a small town always proved to be more difficult then one actually intends it to be. Not being able to do anything without your parents finding out or the cops knowing where the next big party was. Where your neighbor looked out for all the

Well, Guess Parents Still Allowed Some Decisions

Parenting is a tough thing.  We have what we know as children, what we believe as adults and young ones we love, but don't want that love to make them assholes.  It's a tough thing.

I was spanked with flip-flops, with a belt by my aunt

link image preview Hitting Your Kids is Legal in All 50 States

Most Americans can agree that Adrian Peterson crossed the line when he whipped his four-year-old son with a switch and left cuts and welt...


I call you everyday to show my determination I find you anywhere in my imagination

No Vote Wins

Scotland is staying United with the UK, Alex Salmond is resigning after the defeat of independence. I personally voted yes, so I was a bit disappointed. But

Always "That Girl"

It seems to me that I always wind up being "that girl". That girl that needs people to buy her things because she can't afford them. That girl that always seems to have bad relationships. That girl that is always sa

The Girl in the Corridor

Yes, that's exactly who I'm pointing at, maybe unfortunate for you, but it IS HER only whom I'm talking about. Displeased? So is it the first ti

Disclaimer : ALL my blogs are about role playing.

so don't get surprised if I seem like God, Evil, Greenpeace, Illuminati, Psycho, unintelligent (that's the easy one by the way), or just like a rebel or hacker or whatever else you might think of...this blog, is all about role playing, if you enter and

Hahaha...except I don't get the punchline.

I had a dream that the guy I was seeing left me at a restaurant and I was crying so hard when I called him because items in my purse were stolen while I was looking for him. I used someone else's phone to call him and he was asleep.

find your own nature.

finding your nature, not only knowing the right thing to do ,but doing that right thing for no reason ,simply because doing the right th