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The X-gen Men At 1600 And Number 10 -

The incompetent rollout of Obama's signature piece of legislation -- the Affordable Health Care Act -- and unwillingness to hold senior appointees accountable for failure reinforce the perception of a gang who could not shoot, let alone shoot straight.

President Obama Now Liar In Chief |

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, however, refused to bring any of them to the Senate floor. The Democratic Senate is blocking jobs bill passage, not the Republicans. Unfortunately, low-information voters hear and believe the lies of Obama.

Pasadena Weekly - Letters

The Politics of Education Gov. Jerry Brown played politics with the teachers union when he wanted to postpone pension reform for the $74 billion unfunded deficit in the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS). Fortunately, the state Assemb

The X-gen Men At 1600 And Number 10 -

While teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago, he was elected to the Illinois Senate where he served until 2004 when he won a seat in the U.S. Senate. He defeated John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. Cameron served as an advis


my dad is sooooooo anoying some times, like today he lectures me about staying up to late, its the weekend its the only time i can stay up.i fell very rachid.

A troubling Heart?

Ahhhh yes my dear, You groan around in fear, I live my life away from the imperceptibly harshness of reality, Even with that i still have no stability, Your going to despise the fact that im almost inevitably content with

An Uplifting and Positive Post

Well there has been talk about wanting to return Thoughts to its glory days.  The days when we had uplifting and positive posts to make you smile and feel good.  Yes the days when Thoughts appeared to working right, everyone got along and life

Characters Of My College Life. Introduction.

     I have met almost every personality type you can imagine. I think it's interesting to see the way people act based on where they grew up or just within the differences of how their parents raised them. Through this blog I am goi

Fear of talking

We all feel sometimes invisble, hurt, disappointed, lost and useless 

Meh, you don't need to read this

Ugh, i never thought i would have a habit that i couldnt control. my first one is smoking, i always need a cig. if i dont have one i start to freak out and i cant think straight. I wish i didnt smoke, i started smoking when i was fucking 10 years old, m

Excellent Advice About Giving And Getting Massages

Do you think that being a massage therapist would be an enjoyable profession? Do you enjoy giving massages? If you have ever been interested in the topic of massages, this article can give you some great pointers. This article will benefit the new

Fantastic Advice For The Perfect Healing Massage

Are you always hunting that perfect massage with no luck in sight? Want to give a loved one the best massage they've ever had? If your answer to these questions is yes, this article will be very helpful. This article has some great tips to help yo

Fermenting Beauty

Such a beautiful melody, but yet, it escapes me. The notes of the sonata beckon to me, but such a murderous pace would surely keep most away, loosing them in the intro alone. No. It will not escape me. Not again. This sonata will be mine to play, the in

Life as we know it

   High school hit and so did society. I watch as my friends around me slowly crumbled under the pressure to be the perfect size. You ask " does this look alright" or "how big do I look" . We never thought society could take us down th