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ANIMAL KINGDOM (15) The Wildest Animal

ANIMAL KINGDOM (15) The Wildest Creature **************************************   The lion looked at the sign-board, In bold letters, a warning was written, "This forest is the Protected Zone, Hunting


Got me wrapped up in a zig zag, Got me thrown back like who the hella is that? Nick-nack-paddy-wack


so much is currently happening to where I do not know what to do anymore, its one thing after other it wont stop. Right now hearing the thunder outside dose not help either, so knowing the fact I have to leave my safty net here in a bit. It seems like m

Before Prohibition 1918 Los Angels

My Grandfather was about 13 years older than my Grandmother and they didn't have my mother until later in life. My Grandmother was very Religious, my Grandfather was the opposite, I don't remember a lot about them but because of my Grandmother and Mothe


The night grows near And now  awakes emotions that best lie asleep. Though dormant now throughout the day into my mind they start to creep. A stray should not be h

Why oh why

Red is for roses White is for snow Blue is for the sky. Why oh why does it have to be the fourth of July? It's almost here and the sky is lite up, by fireworks and its a do or die day. Drunks drinking and causing

Always looking for away to Stay Positive!

No matter what life throws at me, I am constantly striving for ways to stay positive. I try my best to live each day as if each day has it's own begining and ending, different from the day before and from the days that lay ahead. SO I make it a point to

My Knight has Fallen From his Steed

Somehow, my world just does not look the same...  As in any life, I've had my highs & my lows.  Life is all about rolling with the flow of things.  But this...

Angel On Four Legs Guide Dogs For Autism

If you've just received an associated with autism in your child, then you already know that autism treatment for toddlers is of the highest importance. Are generally also quite possibly plenty scared about what's going to follow, the you to complete to...