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Let's have fun with nba game!

Hi, everyone, good to satisfy with you! You may contact me Sandran. This can be my very first time to come back here. I do want to discuss suggestions and my tales . I'm from Italy since I have found England nonetheless it's been a long period. I desire


I have two big news. 1) I have a boyfriend 2) I had my first kiss finally.   I think this might be just me or if you guys agree just comment below but I find that if you friends with a person first it helps with the relationship.


banged my head on a clip thing on the front of a cage at the wildlife center; gouged my head open a bit. i think i have a concussion tho i feel dizzy and funky and it hurts more than it looks. kind of bugs out my eyes too kind of


Okay so I have a few big news to tell you guys but let's start off with my family.  1) My parents are getting along much better now that they are separated  2) My mother got a job  Now for my sister  1

Thoughts on Stuff.

Just some random thoughts on things:   I heard someone say the other day, that the World Series would go seven games, because that m

infamous "sex slave" island

Thesee "Lolita Express" adventures everyone has their skirts so twisted up about, what is the objection?  Is something illegal going on at that isla

When People Are Fake

You know what happened today. Well my teacher ( can't say names ) said 11 year olds are to young to watch scary movies. Ah bull crap. They thank since we are younger then them we are stupid and dum. Well yets show them my last year teacher ( when i was

About School Thoughts

Do like ever feal like the worst things are going to happen at school. Im only in 5th grade. But kids at my school are mean, they cause out so many other kids. And they just do it for girls to like them. And i know some girl that loves her boyfriend to

Hello, everybody!

 You can call me Winnie. I come from Spain. I have been in America for almost six months. I like this place very much and I hope to get to know more people here. My hobby is playing online games and I think that is a very good way to relax myself.


when people say your too young to understand, it doesnt matter what age you are it is your mind set and if you are mature enough to handle what they are talking about not about the age, when i was young i was a carer for my mother and i was mature enoug


TOday was a whirlwind. The appointment I had lasted an hour and a half, and bug did great, but I ended up rescheduling my second one because bug needed to take a nap. So tomorrow morning I have my nutrition appointment. Otherwise most of today was way t

The Hidden Trump vote

They're not exactly the Nixon era "silent majority," but both Republican and Democratic pollsters claim that there is a secret vote for Donald Trump showing up in some polls.     The Trump campaign on Sunday sta

The School

The school that I go to is amazing!!! It's a school just for Royalty!! It's big, just like The Castle. My room in The Castle is purple everything! My school supplies are purple. The teachers are so nice. I absolutely love it. ~Hazel Clover~