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My saurabh's quote

    SAURABH QUOTE                       '' Math is an poison if u&n

April 2, 2015 - A Ramble

One more night. Just one more. Sheeeeit! I can do that standing on my head! Spring is well and truly broken I think. Sunnt and 66 today. And I am getting an itch. I thin

My own quote

'' Math is an poison if u take directly it will kill u,,,,,, But if u take in a little quantity it will cure u !!''

My own quote

'' Math is an poison if u take directly it will kill u,,,,,, But if u take in a little quantity it will cure u !!''

My own quote

'' Math is an poison if u take directly it will kill u,,,,,, But if u take in a little quantity it will cure u !!''

Noose prompts 2nd Duke racial probe

Duke University opened an investigation into a second racial incident in as many weeks after officials learned early Wednesday that someone had tied a makeshift noose to a tree in front of the Bryan Center.   The find prompted denun

Who have I become? I don't know but I like it.

I'm not the same person I was two years ago. Hell, I'm not the same person I was six months ago. I try to look back on myself but I can't remember, I can't remember where I was, I can't remember who I was. It all seemed so important, I attached to every

The return of self preserved blogging

this will be entirely in lowercase so eat my shorts if you're a grammar freak. actually, if that does apply to you, do not continue reading. i don't know how many times I've come across people who pick at little things such as capitalization, or punctua

Just Tell

The world is a beautiful, mysterious place.  There are different lay outs for each country and all of the cities and towns. It amazes me.   I actually don't feel like finishing this. So I'll let you wond

~I Thirst~~

"I Thirst!" John 19:28   Some of us here are spiritually dry, some just live each day like for no other reasons. Have you ever been thirsty for God's word? Where is God in your daily routine? Who is Jesus in your life? Have you ever


To sew our bodies, inch and inch by the seam, Strung together firmly, so perfectly.  And two would become one, Hearts beating profoundly,  endlessly, a single chant. Because this inbetween, our glue, is


I keep coming back here. Right now, it's probably the only place I can vent the whole truth about everything. And that's probably the thing I need the most right now - someone who will listen and not judg

My Birthday

1st april 2015 : Today is my birthday . Believe it . I am not making joke coz it is a april fool day . I was born&nbsp


Two guys, German and Thai went to pick their friend up and took her to a relaxing place for dinner.  At Samsara café and meal The café owner &ldquo

I want to close my eyes

I have seen people crying .. I have seen people dying I have seen people screaming the pain I have seen people waiting for the train They didn't know where to go They wanted to go any place w

Just a little ventilation please..

I have stood around and let people influence me and my decisions to the point where I wasn't living my own life anymore. I was just living theirs. I had my own problems and my own situations that needed to be addressed. Though for some reaso

Boys are stupid

One day you're flirting with me and saying all these cute things. Then a day passes and you don't even reply? Why the hell do you keep dragging me on? If you're interested prove it. If not just say it.