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So,me and my friends met this really amazing girl.she is cool and saziya (my friend) and shreya(the amazing friend) they went to washroom and siddhi (one of the girls who think t

Ponder Over:

Armaan tamaam umar ke dafan hai seene mein Hum chalte phirte log mazarron se kam nahi..

The Pit

The pit is so lonely, dark and cold Saps my will and strength, makes me old It grabs me and drags like an undertow Down towards the hellfire far below Shreds heart, mind and

The Maze

Wandering, lost in the endless maze Fearing what in the next room lays A son, a brothers, a husband, a friend A father, grandfather or maybe the end Footsteps fill emptiness


Raindrops falling softly down Pitter patter on the ground Washing clean earth and sky

One Way Glass

Enveloped in one way glass Allowing pain to enter inside Yet outward none shall pass Inner darkness the place to hide No one looks, not one can see Through cold impenetrable

One Single Black Grain

On a wave washed crystal white beach Uncountable billions of grains of sand Perfect beauty from the sun's own bleach Shimmers of purity stretch across the land Countless grains in

Positive Alternatives

The more you focus on any possibility, the more power and substance you give to it. It is by giving your persistent attention and energy to the possibilities that you make

I Need....

I need... an amorphous SOMETHING.... Some otherworldy magical life line The need is appallingly overwhelming Something out of space and out of time Sickeningly weak and unable to

A Little Trick

A Little Trick.   Mason squared up to the boy. His stepson was cowering.  The but stammered “b..b..b..but it wasn’t me.” Mason was a strong man; a life of physical labour had made h

Casinos Most Guarded Tricks

The tricks with the casinos will not be the sort of secrets and techniques that you just may possibly believe. They may be not tricks just like the 3rd slot equipment in just about every row pays just about every hour, they're extra like factors they ar

Fallen by Ada Cambridge

For want of bread to eat and clothes to wear — Because work failed and streets were deep in snow,