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Are You Amerikan Enough?

People bitch about products not made in America.Made in China?It must be crap,right?I wonder what other countries say about something that was made in the good ole USA?Y Rammstein - Amerika

Rammstein - Amerika Video parodies the landing of American astronauts to the moon. The text in the ironic, satirical vein, mocked the fac...


I am an Overcomer. I'll stay in the fight till the final round. I might fall, but I WILL, get right back up again. BECAUSE I AM an overcomer. I have sooo many problems. I have to deal  with on a day basis. I'm; ADD, ADHD, Emo, Anxiety attfack prone

Anywhere but here

So simple & fragile is love, or so I thought.. Before I proceed with this blog, a little about myself; I am a normal 20 year old female, grew up in a small town, grew up to fast & slowly learning how hard this "adult" world is and althou


Guy #1:                           Some luck                           Look at this     &n

day sixteen

Day sixteen: Happy Halloween! Today was kinda funny. I had a customer yelling at me as I was working on going home for the day. He was like, 'are you opening?' When I informed him no, he said, 'In about two seconds I'm about to leave this here!' I just


I've always loved singing and I enjoy playing guitar, so ayun, whenever I like someone, ako palagi yung kumakanta at tumutugtog (not that I'm totes good at it). Ngayon lang ako nagkagusto sa musician, ang sarap pala ng feeling. Kakaiba pala yung pakiram


Detective #1 :                       Have you talked the paying guests Detective #2 :                      No I've been


Guy :                    I wish I had White Teeth Dentist :                    Here let me see       &nbsp

Freaky Friday...

There's been a lot going on in our household since May 2014 from the stove not working, to pipes leaking and the motor in the furnace burning up and nearly catching fire.  I'm so glad that today is the last day of October and it's also Halloween.

day 3

today was good until once again im alone, everyones aleep. facing my decision head on. I probably wouldnt be as bad if i took my depression medication. i havent since the day of. I cant help but wonder if the children we miscarry or abort go back to hea


Reporter :                    How do feel about Being Mortal                    Howard shrugs          

things that he said

"Your mom is ruining this relationship" -no, that'd be your new horrible attitude towards her for no reason. She hasnt changed one bit shes still the kind caring naive, give the shirt off her back loving mother and grandmother thats shes always


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