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Dream Entry 11/27/14

I had this dream where I was outside there were stacks of boxes and a bunch of kangaroos hoping around I was trying to avoid them by climbing up, but one of them jumpe

Thoughts on Ferguson.

There are two sides to every story and we may never know the whole truth, but as evidence comes out, you need to be objective. Some claim the store surveilance video is not Brown, but the person in the video is the same size and build ( Brown was not a

Could You Be More Annoying?

Well, we all have people in our lives who just annoy the fuck out of us and well I can certainly name a few people from mine. They always have to be THERE! even when you t


That is all I can remember through my teen age life, the fear and the shaking and screaming. The violence, the annoyance, my heart beating wildly, feeling like it is gonna escape, my head in pain because of the annoyance pulling at me. Tears welling up


The time of year to be thankful, Even if you're alone don't be sitting there thankless So as your read be grateful, For love, family, and the banquet.   I'm thankful for family. Their love never break


So I'm really new to this...but looking forward to this :) I would really like to share my thoughts and life experiences. 

Love For The Puppy Eyes

"The more I know about people, the more I love my dog"   I am sure many of you agree to this statement. How many of you own a dog? Why do you own a dog? How many of you spend maximum of your time with them? Have you ever sto

Day 172

Day 172:   First off, Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating! I'm thankful for hearing from all of you and reading your posts and nice comments =].   Second, I did really well eating wise yesterday. I a

I wanna

I wanna wear a pair of dark sunglasses, I wanna be ... Jackie o.h oh please dont die !